PDF to QuarkXPress Tutorial Video on PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9

PDF to QuarkXPress tutorial video on how to edit PDF in QuarkXPress for DTP with Markzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9:

Convert PDF File to QXP
Check out the steps to be able to edit PDF in QuarkXPress, as shown in this tutorial video. Learn how to use PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9, the QuarkXPress XTension by Markzware to convert PDF to QuarkXPress content:

PDF to QuarkXPress Tutorial Video – PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9

Edit PDF in QuarkXPress 9 with Markzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress


Hi, everybody. David Dilling from Markzware here. Today, we have some very exciting new technology to show you, the new Markzware PDF2DTP. In this case, we’re going to show you PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9.3.

We all have them: PDF files – but not just any PDF file – a print PDF file or any PDF file that all we have left is that PDF. We don’t have any of the images anymore, any of the artwork. All we have is that PDF. We don’t have the layout or the source Quark file, or even if it’s InDesign or Word, it doesn’t matter. What this PDF2DTP product is going to do is convert your PDF files right back into the source application you prefer to work in, in this case, QuarkXPress 9.

Let’s go check out now the new PDF2DTP from Markzware. Alright, everybody, so here we are in QuarkXPress 9. PDF2DTP is very simple to use, just go up to the Markzware menu item up here, click on Markzware, and there you’ll see PDF2DTP. Under the PDF2DTP menu item, under the Markzware menu item within QuarkXPress, in this case, QuarkXPress 9, there’s several options.

First, let’s look at the Preferences. You’ll see that PDF2DTP has a quite extensive choice of Preferences. PDF2DTP will convert basically any PDF – InDesign or Quark or Word or Excel. It doesn’t really matter, you’ll see that we convert the ICC profiles, tables even, paragraph styles; we even substitute missing fonts, if you don’t have the fonts.

So, let’s see how it works. It’s quite simple, like all the Markzware conversion, preflight, and search technology. It’s pretty much as simple as a click or two. Convert PDF File. I’m going to choose an old file we have, ID2Qv4 Manual. ID2Q InDesign to Quark is now on version 6. Look at that. It cuts through that PDF file like a hot knife through butter, and we get a perfect conversion from PDF right into QuarkXPress.

Let’s take a closer look at this now. Can you see now we have this fully converted PDF file right back in InDesign? The engineers have gone through great effort to make sure that the text converts back over. That’s been a real amazing task. PDF files make a mess out of the text internally. It looks nice on screen, and look at this! It converts over the table of contents, stylization, colors, images, everything we need to get to work on this file. I can go in and I could adjust things. Most amazingly, you’ll see that, like I mentioned, it exports out the image for us.

So, inside our PDF2DTP for Quark folder, we’ll get all the images – all the images and the Quark file itself, all there for us to use and benefit from. All stylizations have come over, as best as possible. Some touching up may be required, but you notice we got all the point sizes, paragraph styles, you name it. It pretty much comes right back over from PDF, right back into your QuarkXPress layout.

For more information on PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress, please go on over to today. By the time you see this video, this product will hopefully be launched and shipping. Markzware’s PDF2DTP is yet another great conversion product from the leaders in desktop publishing conversion technology, Markzware. Also, check out our preflight and search tools, as well. Thank you very much for your time. This has been David Dilling from Markzware, wishing you a fantastic day!

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Have any PDFs that you would like to edit in QuarkXPress? Buy PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9 via the PDF2DTP page.

Markzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9 – Edit PDF in QuarkXPress!