Quark DesignPad to Adobe InDesign: Convert PDF with PDF2DTP

How do you move content from Quark DesignPad to Adobe InDesign? Just use PDF2DTP, conversion software from Markzware that can convert PDF to InDesign CC or CS:

Quark DesignPad to Adobe InDesign

Quark DesignPad is a cool layout app, based on grid design, for the Apple iPad, tablet or iPhone. It is used by many designers and is a fast, efficient way to make professional, yet simple desktop publishing layouts on the go. There are many export or output options in DesignPad, which include going to a QuarkXPress project or PDF. A DesignPad PDF can help you to get your Quark DesignPad layouts into Adobe InDesign!

Quark DesignPad to InDesign. Have you seen Quark DesignPad on iTunes, with PDF output and Dropbox support? You could use it to make a brochure, for example. You can insert a stock image or a photo from your Camera Roll. You can change the box shape or the frame. You can add text. Click Done to see a preview.

How to Convert PDF to InDesign with PDF2DTP: 

It’s that easy to get Quark DesignPad layouts right into Adobe InDesign via PDF. This is now a new, fully-editable  layout in Adobe InDesign, based on a document that was in Quark DesignPad on iPad. This frees up your content, so you can use it where you need to use it. You can see and move the images and frames, if you like.

You can see in the Links panel, the images are there. You can make additions or edit text. When you convert the file, a job folder appears, with images used and with the newly-created InDesign file. Your images are available and ready for redesign, as you wish. Now, you can convert PDF to InDesign, getting a Quark DesignPad PDF file into Adobe InDesign. Here is a video demonstration of  data conversion from PDF to InDesign:

Quark DesignPad to Adobe InDesign with PDF2DTP

Markzware PDF2DTP can convert PDF fonts, colors, images, and more to InDesign CC or CS6

You can edit this brochure as you like and choose from many output options, such as:

Quark offers a lot of neat options for designing layouts, on the go. You can even make small publications while you are traveling.

If you click Email PDF File, the email pops up within your mail. Send it, and the email will contain the design that you made, with all of your text. You can drag this onto your desktop. Open it in Preview and you’ll see it looks just like you designed.

So, how can you get Quark DesignPad to Adobe InDesign? Quark DesignPad is a feature-rich layout tool available on iPad or tablet. So, document conversion is a great way to transfer content from Quark DesignPad to Adobe InDesign.

Edit PDF in INDD after PDF2DTP Installation
Install Markzware’s conversion software, so you can convert pdf file to InDesign

You can buy the PDF to InDesign plugin via the PDF2DTP page. See more document conversion tools for creative professionals and publishers on the Markzware Products page.

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Quark DesignPad to Adobe InDesign: Convert PDF to InDesign with InDesign plugin, PDF2DTP, data conversion software to edit PDF in InDesign files (INDD) for Adobe Creative Suite and Creative Cloud workflows!