QuarkXPress XTension to Convert PDF to QuarkXPress, PDF2DTP

PDF to QuarkXPress tutorial video on how to edit PDF in QuarkXPress with data conversion software, the Markzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress XTension:

To edit PDF in QuarkXPress, watch this tutorial video on how to convert PDF to QuarkXPress content, using PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9, the QuarkXPress XTension by Markzware:

How to Use a QuarkXPress XTension to Convert PDF to QuarkXPress

Convert PDF file to QXP and edit PDF in QuarkXPress 9 with Markzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9

Creative professionals usually have a lot of print PDF files. Perhaps the PDF file is all that is available, without images, artwork, or the layout or source file. PDF2DTP conversion software can convert PDF files back into QuarkXPress, a preferred source application for graphic design.

Markzware PDF2DTP is very simple-to-use QuarkXPress XTension. Just click on Markzware in the QuarkXPress menu bar up top, and you’ll see PDF2DTP. Under the PDF2DTP menu item, there are several options.

PDF2DTP has a quite extensive choice of Preferences and can convert basically any PDF (InDesign, QuarkXPress, Word, Excel, etc.), including the ICC profiles, tables, and paragraph styles. This Quark XTension will even substitute missing fonts, if you don’t have the fonts!

Click “Convert PDF File” and choose the file you wish and convert PDF to QuarkXPress. File conversion is quick with PDF2DTP!

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QuarkXPress XTension to Convert PDF to QuarkXPress
Register PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress to be able to convert PDF file to QXP

PDF files make a mess out of the text internally, yet this data conversion software can convert the text back to QXP, along with table of contents, stylization, colors, images, and items you need in order to work on the file within QuarkXPress. You can edit PDF within QXP.

QuarkXPress XTension, PDF2DTP exports images to the Quark folder. You have access to all the images and the QuarkXPress file itself, with stylizations, point sizes, paragraph styles, etc. The PDF comes back, right in your QuarkXPress layout.

Markzware PDF2DTP is yet another great solution for data conversion from the leaders in desktop publishing conversion tools for publishers, printers, and creative professionals. Want to edit PDF within QuarkXPress? Buy PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9 at the PDF2DTP page.

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Edit PDF in QuarkXPress with Markzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9!