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Download the Preview-Only
Version of PDFMarkz to View PDF Document Pages, Now For Free!

Video: How To Preview PDF Files For FREE

This video tells you how to get the freebie version of Markzware’s PDFMarkz preview-only
application and demonstrates how to view Portable Document Format (.pdf) file previews.

Thank You For Downloading The PDFMarkz Freebie!

A few notes regarding the this freebie version:
It does not perform PDF conversions.

You will get a Preview generated by the Markzware engine.
The Preview version is simply a representation of the PDF.
The following are a few methods to get started with PDFMarkz:

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Using PDFMarkz in Preview Mode

First download the application and install it on your macOS system. A Windows version is currently in development. Please signup to our newsletter, to be notified when the Windows version is available, at:

Next, take a PDF and drag and drop it on PDFMarkz

Notice the conversion options which include exporting to: Affinity Publisher, QuarkXPress, and Adobe InDesign.

In this example, we will click the InDesign icon. At this point, the PDF will be opened into a brand new Adobe InDesign file. You now have the ability to edit text, swap out fonts, and much more. It’s really that easy to use PDFMarkz.

It is important to note that not all PDF files are created “equal.” The PDFMarkz Preview provides Users an “approximation” and is not a 100% true representation of the final conversion. Some touching up may be required. Markzware highly encourages the User to make the appropriate edits to their brand new Adobe InDesign document made with PDFMarkz.

It’s very easy to set up PDFMarkz to convert “to IDML”.
This will provide you with the ability to convert multiple PDFs in one usage, without the Preview.

For details on how to preview PDF files, please see the “PDFMarkz Preview Window” section of the PDFMarkz manual, at:

Using PDFMarkz Scripts within Adobe InDesign

After purchasing PDFMarkz, install the PDFMarkz Scripts for Adobe InDesign.
Notice the new menu item on the InDesign toolbar called, “Markzware”.
Under the “Markzware” menu, you’ll see, “Convert PDF Document”.

Similarly under the “File” menu, there’s a new item named, “Open PDF File”.

Both of these menu items do the same thing, which is to invoke PDFMarkz that converts and, then, opens PDF to IDML, directly within InDesign, for editing.

Markzware Demo Conversion Service

Markzware offers a sample conversion of your PDF file.
To receive a sample conversion of your file using PDFMarkz technology, please visit
Then fill out the submission form and submit a small representative PDF that you would like converted as a demo.

Markzware will convert a few pages of the document then send them back to you. By doing this you will see exactly how the PDF converts to Adobe InDesign using PDFMarkz.

Purchasing, Discount, And Availability Information

PDFMarkz is now available in two forms:
Subscription for only $219, or
Perpetual for $359

PDFMarkz is a time saver and, in just one use, can very well pay for itself.

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Check out the great Reviews and Testimonials we received everyday from people using PDFMarkz.

Christine Campbell, PDFMarkz user, says:
“The Process Went From 8 Hours To Seconds With PDFMarkz!
My teammate and I were very skeptical of Markzware at first. No way there is a tool out there that can do this. But boy, what a life saver Markzware was! It helped us streamline our workload by 75%. We had to take a bunch of old PDFs that were very design-heavy and update them with new content and layout.

Each packet was 20 to 30 pages and not a single InDesign file. This process was taking more than 8 hours per packet, and we had to do 60 packets. To say we were crying was an understatement. Once we found Markzware it saved not only our time and energy but sanity. The process went from hours to seconds for an InDesign file to be created. It not only streamed lined our work but helped combat project burnout.”

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