PDFMarkz Review:
Product Marketing Manager Shares Experience
With Converter To Open PDF In InDesign

Christine Campbell Explains How She Used PDFMarkz To Open PDF Files In InDesign And Save Her Workflow Easily 200 Hours!

PDFMarkz Reviewer for Open PDF in InDesign: Christine Campbell, Product Marketing Manger, HappyNeuron Pro

PDFMarkz (Open PDF In InDesign) Review Background

In this PDFMarkz review article and video, marketing specialist, Christine Campbell, shares her experience of using PDFMarkz to open PDF in Adobe InDesign, using Markzware’s stand-alone file conversion application to convert PDF documents to other layout application formats:

Markzware: First, tell us about who you are and how you got involved in what you do, and who HappyNeuron Pro is.

Christine: My name is Christine. I am a digital marketing specialist and I’ve expanded into a product marketing manager. HappyNeuron Pro is my love. It’s my baby. We are a digital cognitive rehabilitation software, meaning that we mainly do brain “exercises.” Many people call them “games,” but we add more science to our exercises.

(Therapists) will use our exercises. And they’ve had patients who’ve had strokes, brain injuries, or are struggling with some mental health issues. We’re actually known to really help with psychosis or schizophrenia.

People will use our tool to help rehabilitate the cognitive functions that are deficits. HappyNeuron Pro is 23 years old. In 2000, we started in France, and I work on the U.S. side.

Markzware:  Oh, wow! Awesome! So, it’s a French concept. That’s interesting. Did you start out as a designer or on the marketing side?

Christine:  I’m a marketer. That’s what I came on as. And, so, we use Worksheets (resources to enhance cognitive therapy) to bring traffic to our website. All of our worksheets are used to help say, “Hey, we’re a software,” but people don’t know that there’s digital software (used to create the) worksheets. We were creating PDFs and InDesign files, and some people were building Illustrator files, or making them on Word documents, and it was a whole lot of mishmash.

Markzware:  Right. Would you consider yourself an InDesign user?

Christine:  Yeah, I would say I’m pretty advanced, on my InDesign. On all Adobe (applications), I’m pretty advanced.

Markzware: Do you use InDesign heavily, every day or every week?

Christine: My team uses InDesign, pretty much, at least three times a week, working on Worksheets. We’re building handouts in InDesign. We’re in Photoshop and Illustrator, everyday. Those are our two go-to’s for graphics, but InDesign is where we put everything.

Markzware: Can tell us a bit more about your workflow. Which other software tools or services do you use?

Christine: We use Asana, to track everything and manage our workflow. We use your tool (PDFMarkz) for our Worksheets, our main traffic generators. I design the content, in Google Docs. For the worksheet, I’ll use Asana to communicate to my designer, “Hey, here’s the content for the packet.”

And, then, once she builds the package, I’ll look at the PDF, leave any comments, and change anything that needs to be changed. I Asana it back to her, and she’ll Asana it to someone for external review. Then, she’ll Asana it back to me, and we’ll post it.

Markzware: Wow! Okay. How did you learn about Markzware?

Christine: So, we had this massive problem. We had 15,000 downloads a month, of our Worksheets. It’s a lot of content that’s just out there, for free. We needed to monetize our free traffic, because people were not engaging, not staying, because they were just launching and going. We needed to make better content. We needed to have better resources.

And, so, we were like, “We’ll make an e-commerce store for Worksheets. We sell memory Worksheets, language Worksheets, any kind of Worksheet you need. We found Markzware, because my co-worker, in France, and I were like, “How are we going to transition everything? How is this going to work? Okay. It should be fun. It should be easy.” No.

Markzware:  Look on the positive side, right?

Christine: One of the designers was using Illustrator to design PDFs. I asked, “Why are you doing it this way?” Some of the incoming file packages had no Illustrator files, just PDFs, but we would need to open the PDF file in InDesign.

I had to rebuild and restructure every packet we’ve ever made. We tried to copy-and-paste, but it didn’t work.

My colleague in France, Florence, found Markzware, via Google and was like, “I found this (PDFMarkz). Do you think we should purchase it?” We bought it, right then and there. I was like, “I’m sold.” It was taking us a whole day just to rebuild one packet. Now, we could just build, sort it, and be done.

Markzware:  Wow! So, when you say “packet,” was it six to eight PDFs, in each packet?

Christine: Yeah, our bigger packet has about four individual packets put together. Our minis are one packet by itself, with three to eleven pages. Our normal packets are from twelve to forty-eight pages. There were so many different PDFs, the workflow was all over the place, and we had a deadline.

Markzware:  Wow! Was it you or your colleague, who was using PDFMarkz?

Christine: Me. My colleague and I tag-teamed on fixing them all.

Markzware: Wow! Just so you know, there is a Windows version of PDFMarkz, as well. It’s called PDFMarkz SE. Is it an easy process, to convert, with PDFMarkz?

Christine: Yeah, it’s so great. So easy! Click and done! Click and done. And from what would have been hours upon hours – and we were getting so burnt out – it was done in seconds.

Markzware: How did you open the PDF? Drop it onto PDFMarkz and get a preview, export to IDML, or click the “Open in InDesign” button, …?

Christine: I was doing “Open in InDesign.”

Markzware:  Okay, cool! Were you using the “Extract the images from the PDF”?

Christine: Yes.

Markzware:  Was that because you didn’t have the source images anymore?

Christine: Yes. I had none. So, it was cool, when it would find and extract images from behind a layer. And I would be like, “Oh, that person was lazy and just copied and pasted over. No wonder the PDF was so big!”

Markzware:  Yeah, because that’s a really handy feature in PDFMarkz, the “Extract the Images,” particularly when you don’t have the images.

Christine: It’s really nice, because, at some points, I was like, “I guess we’re going to have to remake these, without them looking like a terrible screenshot?” And it fixed it. It did it.

Markzware: Would you recommend PDFMarkz to other people?

Christine: Yes! It is a tool that is essential for us. I think, if we didn’t have it, we would still be doing packets and adjusting them. We have to constantly release new ones. To update the old ones, it takes forever, as well. We probably would just be finishing, if we didn’t.

Markzware: How many hours, or days, did PDFMarkz save you?

Christine: Easily 200 hours!

Markzware: Excellent! Now, just a couple of fun questions, and we’ll wrap it up. Have you tried any of this new AI?

Christine: Yeah, I do. I play with it. It is great for concepts, to help you generate content. It was great, in the sense that it was quick and easy, but when you’re really designing, you need vector items, you need Illustrator. I think it (AI) is a nice tool, but I don’t see it really taking over. My friend creates really pretty AI art with it, but she has the verbal skills to tell it what to do. When I try the same thing, it doesn’t work the same, because I don’t have the articulation skills that she has.

Markzware: You just need to know how AI works and what triggers it. The prompters are important. It’s useful for concepts, like “Blog posts on FlightChecking, pre-flighting, tell me the top 10 problems,” and it lists them.

Christine: It’s not going to be perfect. It just helps decrease our time, like text messaging.

Markzware: Where can people get more information on HappyNeuron Pro?

Christine:  You can go on our website at www.happyneuronpro.com or you can check out our worksheets at https://worksheets.happyneuronpro.com/. You guys saved our butts, in that, really, to get the worksheets done!

Markzware: Yeah, we love to hear it! And thank you for taking the time to leave the review on our website and taking the time for the interview, and we wish you all the best! Alright. Thank you! Take care. Get Approved. Get Content. Be creative. Markzware.com

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HappyNeuron Pro Cognitive Exercises Develop Skills (Attention, Memory, & Executive Function, & More, per Christine Campbell, Product Marketing Manager)

HappyNeuron Pro Makes Cognitive Therapy More Accessible, with Exercises To Develop Skills
(Attention, Memory, Executive Function, & more)

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Christine Campbell is an integral member in the
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therapy inclusive and accessible for everyone)

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Video: PDF to InDesign – “PDFMarkz Saved us easily 200 Hours”

How To Edit PDF in InDesign with PDF Editor to Edit PDFs in Adobe InDesign: PDFMarkz Tutorial Video

(Click on the image above, to watch the video.)
In this video interview about PDFMarkz, Christine Campbell, marketing specialist,
product marketing manager, and advanced Adobe expert, shares her experience
with Markzware’s stand-alone application to open PDF in InDesign.

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About Christine Campbell
Christine Campbell is a Product Marketing Manager at HappyNeuron Pro who believes that digital marketing involves the creation of a digital interactions ecosystem and that an end-user’s journey experience is key to customer loyalty. She educates people about health and cognitive tips. As a people-oriented designer and cognitive health advocate with a talent for increasing website traffic growth, she is devoted to improving user experience via planned engagement, based on data analysis. With experience as a digital creative, skilled in data analysis, she makes HappyNeuron Pro, France’s leading digital cognitive rehabilitation solution, available worldwide.

About HappyNeuron Pro
HappyNeuron Pro is a cognitive rehabilitation therapeutic tool created by cognitive science experts and IT experts, to assist therapists in their sessions, at any location. In September 2000, three friends decided to use their combined expertise, to make engaging, useful cognitive training as widely available as possible, via the latest internet tech resources. HappyNeuron Pro evolved from the initiative to use cognitive science in people’s professional and personal lives, to reveal cognitive possibilities.

About HappyNeuron Partners
HappyNeuron has research partners at 45+ research-based universities in 12+ countries. Universities that have implemented the HappyNeuron Pro program into their cognitive research systems include the National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry (Japan) and Yale University (USA).

About HappyNeuron Worksheets
People have varying needs and abilities to access therapy services, which are available online and offline. HappyNeuron developed worksheets in printable packets, based on digital exercises, to make cognitive therapy inclusive and accessible for everyone.

About HappyNeuron
The HappyNeuron collective includes artists, dancers, designers, developers, musicians, support specialists, and therapists, dedicated to making cognitive rehabilitation accessible to everyone. Between two offices in France and one in Campbell, California, USA, seven languages ​​are spoken. HappyNeuron is a part of (and is committed to the creative health care perspective of) Humans Matter.

About Humans Matter
The parent corporation of HappyNeuron Pro is Humans Matter, a pioneer and leading designer of digital experiences. Humans Matter develops activities, courses, and cognitive tools to scientifically-measure development impact and is dedicated to transitioning behaviors in educational, health, social, and work environments.

PDFMarkz (Open PDF in InDesign) Review: Christine Campbell, Product Marketing Manager, HappyNeuron Pro

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