Launch PDFMarkz from InDesign

Launch PDFMarkz from InDesign

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Convert PDF documents from within InDesign using the PDFImport Script (Duration 03:41)

Convert PDF Documents From Within InDesign,
Using The PDFImport Script

PDFMarkz offers a PDFImport Script that allows integration with InDesign.

Installing the PDFImport.js Script adds Menu options in InDesign that allow for converting and opening PDF documents from within InDesign. Here are the steps:

1. Install PDFMarkz into your Applications folder.

2. Install the PDFImport Script from within PDFMarkz,
using the Script Installer (Tools -> Script Installer).

3. Launch InDesign or relaunch if already running.

4. Navigate to “Open PDF File…” under the “File” Menu
or use the “Convert PDF Document…” option under
the “Markzware” Menu.

5. Choose a PDF file to convert and open in the Open File Dialog.

6. Sit back, as the PDFImport Script and PDFMarkz
automate the process of converting and opening
the document in InDesign.

How to Install Markzware PDFMarkz Scripts for Adobe InDesign

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Launch PDFMarkz from InDesign

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