Markzware provides a DTP (Desktop Publishing) file recovery service for bad or corrupt Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress files. You might receive an indication that your file is corrupt, when you see an error message, such as:

• Error code 4                • Bad file format -39

• Error code 5                • Cannot open

• Error code 6                • Database error


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How do I begin the File Recovery Process?

Follow the 5 easy steps below

Step 1

Agree to and pay the non-refundable In-Take Fee

The In-Take Fee of $49 is a non-refundable fee to analyze the file for recovery. If your bad file is fixed, you will get a preview of the fixed file. You understand that an additional payment is required, as stated below, for Fixed Files. Thus you agree to pay the non-refundable In-Take Fee plus the Fixed File Fee if the file is fixable.

Step 2

Submit the bad file

After paying the In-Take Fee you will receive an email to the submission form. Include as many details as possible on that form and upload the bad file, linked images and fonts are not required.

Step 3

Wait for our response containing the Recovery results

Generally within a few business hours you will receive an email from us explaining the results of the recovery. If recovered, which works about 70% of the time, the email will contain a PDF file previewing what could be recovered. If you are happy with the recovery results, and wish to continue, you can move to Step 4.

Step 4

Pay the additional Fixed File Fee

The email received in Step 3 will contain a link to pay the Fixed File Fee. If you are happy with the recovery results use the link to make the payment.

File Size Price
500-1000 MB $199
201-500 MB $149
101-200 MB $129
0-100 MB $_99

Step 5

Download the Fixed File

After paying the Fixed File Fee you will receive an email from us containing a link to download the recovered file. Download the recovered file then sit back and relax, having saved countless hours of rework!

Purchasing Options

Don't Take Our Word For It

Plash Creative logo: White "PLASH CREATIVE" Text in Black Circle.

“Crash Crash Crash went my fatal error Indesign file after 4 solid days of work!!! Thank you so much …file fixed and returned in under 12hr!!!! Lifesavers”

– Elspeth Barker, Plash Creative

Amanda Sargisson, graphic designer, Brighter Tomorrow Events Management

“I went to save my file, and poof “InDesign has quit unexpectedly” … upon restart I found the file was corrupt and would crash my InDesign application every time I attempted to open it. David at Markzware responded quickly and restored my file to pretty much it’s original “glory”. Worth every penny! Thank you!”

– Amanda Sargisson, Brighter Tomorrow
#Events Management

TEDx Melbourne logo

“Quick and efficient! Best service ever, they recovered a corrupted InDesign CC 2015 file in just one hour. If you have similar issues get in touch, they’ll save you!!!!”

– Mages Ruiz Diaz, TEDx Melbourne

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Average rating:  
 39 reviews
 by Alex L
Error Code 6 FIXED

Adobe "couldn't" fix it 👎 but these guys had no trouble! 👍
It saved me a couple of days of work and my boss a lil' bit of money... would highly recommend!

 by Caryl Lyn Cammack

THANK YOU, the recovery worked and saved me hours and hours of additional labor. Great service and turnaround. Simultaneously, I reached out to Adobe and they were unable to recover the file.

 by Kisira

I would have paid *almost any price to get my file recovered. I can guarantee you I reached out to Adobe to recover the file, they responded after 12hr and were unable to recover my "damaged" InDesign file; however MARKZWARE was able to fix it! Got it recovered ASAP. Whole process took like 2hrs in total? Anways, worth the money, great stuff!

 by Todd Bennett
100 Page Catalog SAVED!!

I was under an EXTREMELY tight deadline to get a 100 page catalog done - and finished it right under the wire… Unfortunately, InDesign crashed while saving it, and completely corrupted the indd! It was DEAD. InDesign would crash every time I tried to open the file. I tried to contact Adobe’s specialists, but got auto-replies that they were out for WEEKS. I heard Markzware could help, so I quickly paid the fees and within a few hours I had the catalog back!! THANK YOUUUUUU

 by Cinda Sherman

Far and above met my expectations. I had a Quark file needing converted to InDesign and an InDesign file that was corrupt. Both files contained weeks worth of work! They fixed both files in less than two hours. I was so happy I was on the verge of happy tears. They are Gods!

 by Marcovalerio Edizioni
Good, fast

They saved a 860 pages book ready to be published, damaged and recovered in a few hours.

 by Jennifer Smith
This is Amazing!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I thought my book was a complete loss (my child totaled my laptop and I foolishly didn't have my book backed up). This is amazing.

 by Younes
Problem undefined indesign

English : I got a very big undefined problem document when i launch my document indesign it was blocked. I search alot in google to find the problem but i found nothing. I tought it was impossible to get back this document but they fixed it. Thanks to the support david he is very cool and respectfull (sorry for my bad english im french )

French : Si des français passent par là , j'ai eu un probleme lorsque j'ouvrais mon document sur indesign ( un dossier de 50 pages ) ca me marquait : Indesign ne parvient pas à effectuer l'opération demandée sur le fichier " document indéterminé" . J'ai regardé sur le net mais rien ... Et j'ai même appelé le support adobe il ma dit que ma demande à été transmit et fallait attendre genre 2-3 semaines. Donc je suis tombé marksware et ils ont réussi à résoudre le probleme. J'ai récup mon fichier indesign. Merci !

Thanks for the kind words, Younes. I assure you, your English is much better than our French, you have nothing to be sorry about.

 by Nicol Regan
You Saved me 12 hours!

Amazing!!!! Quick and friendly. I thought my file was gone - you saved me 12 hours of having to redo the entire project. I can't thank you enough!!!

 by Jason K

I panicked. My master InDesign file crashed and then was totally damaged on my end. I didn't know what to do and stumbled on this service. They were able to restore 2 weeks of work in under a day. Nothing was lost. Hope this problem never happens again but keeping this site bookmarked.

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