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Preflighting For Creatives

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FlightCheck is Markzware’s next-generation, stand-alone PDF preflight application. This quality control tool will inspect and analyze all colors, fonts, images, and more, within both native and PDF documents. FlightCheck has no required dependencies, which means that neither the native applications nor plug-ins are needed to run this software.

It is complete with Inventory and Packaging functionality to ensure print-ready documents. FlightCheck offers a preview, as well as a thorough analysis and inspection of your desktop publishing (DTP) file content. Preflight Reports can be fully customized with your company information and logo and then exported as HTML, JSON, RTF, TXT or XML, directly into most automated workflows.

FlightCheck provides added value for creatives, graphic designers, and print production specialists seeking an easy-to-use preflighting tool for onboarding document production jobs. This affordable prepress system will preflight a variety of formats, including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PDF, QuarkXPress, and several image types, to help ensure error-free document production.

Another benefit of FlightCheck is that it creates a complete, compressed package, so you can send files with all elements of the job for sharing, printing, or archiving. This is extremely convenient for a customer service representative preparing job quotes, or even complete graphic design departments looking to preflight and archive years of work, for content sustainability.

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Markzware FlightCheck Full Display (Dark Mode)
FlightCheck Full Display (Dark Mode)

Supported File Types

One of the key capabilities of FlightCheck is its power to preflight file formats and image types of a wide variety. A partial list includes:

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

PDF (Portable
Document Format)


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In-Depth Inventory

The Inspector Widgets provides a high-level overview of the document. At a glance, you can see which file type, which version, and when the document was last modified. Is it intended for print, mobile, or web? How many pages and spreads are included? Are there any missing or inactive used fonts? Are there missing or embedded images

Markzware FlightCheck Inspector Panel (Dark Mode)
FlightCheck Inspector Panel (Dark Mode)
Markzware FlightCheck Font Detail Dark
FlightCheck Font Detail (Dark Mode)

Continue with the Inventory View, for a thorough analysis of the document contents. Detailed file, page, and print information is displayed. View all of the job images, both linked and embedded, alongside all of their important details (e.g., type, color mode, resolution, …). You can also see detailed color, page, and font information.

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Intelligent Ground Controls

FlightCheck has Ground Controls, which flag a plethora of items in categories, such as File, PDF, Document, Print, Colors, Fonts, Images, and more!

Adobe announced that they will drop support for both PANTONE colors and PostScript Type 1 Fonts. This causes new issues, to which FlightCheck 2023 will alert users. Markzware has included the following Ground Controls:
• Fonts that are Type 1
• Used PANTONE colors not supported by Adobe
• Images that use ICC Profiles Override.

Markzware FlightCheck Finds Used Adobe Type 1 Fonts, Unsupported Pantone Colors, & ICC Profile Override
FlightCheck Finds Used Adobe Type 1 Fonts,
Unsupported Pantone Colors, & ICC Profile Override

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Find & Fix Problems For Proper Output

Markzware FlightCheck Results Dark
FlightCheck Results (Dark Mode)

FlightCheck will highlight errors, during preflight, such as missing fonts and images. The application will also warn about potential issues, such as embedded images or inactive fonts. Prepress specialists can use FlightCheck to help avoid any of these errors, which could cause common printing problems, or worse, re-printing the entire job.

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Collect And Package

FlightCheck excels at collecting and packaging required job elements, ensuring you have everything needed for the next step in your workflow. Packaged items include:

• Original DTP file (INDD, QXP, PDF, AI, …)
• Exported PDF file
• Converted IDML file* [watch the video]
• Linked Images
• Extracted Embedded Images
• Used Fonts
• Inventory Report


• Package Report 


Markzware FlightCheck Package (Dark Mode)
FlightCheck Package (Dark Mode)

Purchasing Options

$399/ pay once

Perpetual (macOS)

  • Check Stand-Alone Application
  • Check Preview and Preflight
  • Portable Document Format (PDF),
  • Adobe InDesign (INDD),
  • Adobe Illustrator (AI),
  • Adobe Photoshop (PSD), and
  • QuarkXPress (QXP) files
  • Check In-Depth Inventory on
  • File, Document, Colors,
  • Fonts, Images, and More
  • Check Package to
  • Creative Cloud, Dropbox, iCloud,
  • Box, Google Drive, and Local Devices
  • Check Optional Upgrade charges may apply

Demo (macOS)

  • Check Stand-Alone Application
  • Check Preview and Preflight
  • Portable Document Format (PDF),
  • Adobe InDesign (INDD),
  • Adobe Illustrator (AI),
  • Adobe Photoshop (PSD), and
  • QuarkXPress (QXP) files
  • Check In-Depth Inventory on
  • File, Document, Colors,
  • Fonts, Images, and More
  • Check Package to
  • Creative Cloud, Dropbox, iCloud,
  • Box, Google Drive, and Local Devices
  • None Limited to 30 days

What is the difference between Perpetual and Subscription Licenses

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White Label FlightCheck Reports

FlightCheck even offers white-label capability for print shops and publishers worldwide to become affiliates, so they can provide this added value, along with their corporate identity and logo, to their customers.

Simplify Your Workflow

Markzware FlightCheck Toolbar (Dark Mode)
FlightCheck Toolbar (Dark Mode)

FlightCheck is designed to make complex tasks quick and easy. Preview your document, then, with a single click, create an Inventory Report or Package.

Integrates With Automated Workflows

With Automation Preferences, AppleScript support,
and a Custom URL Scheme, FlightCheck will have
no problem integrating into most automated workflows.

Markzware FlightCheck 2022 Automator Supports AppleScript

Automation With FlightCheck

Following are examples of how FlightCheck helps you to automate tasks!

Markzware FlightCheck Automation Preferences (Dark Mode)
FlightCheck Automation Preferences (Dark Mode)

Open And Report

Set up FlightCheck to automatically create an Inventory Report. Choose where the Report will be saved, how to handle duplicate file names, and the 3rd party application to open the Report.

Open And Package

FlightCheck can be configured to automatically Package files. Specific settings allow you to choose how the Package is created.

Build A Custom Workflow

Workflows can be configured, with a simple Automator Folder Action, to do things like watching a Hot Folder for new files, automatically creating an HTML Inventory Report, and emailing it to your document production department using Apple Mail.

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Inventory Views And Reports

Markzware FlightCheck Inspector (Dark Mode)
FlightCheck Inspector (Dark Mode)
Markzware FlightCheck File Info (Dark Mode)
FlightCheck File Info (Dark Mode)

Markzware FlightCheck Pages Info (Dark Mode)
FlightCheck Pages Info (Dark Mode)

Markzware FlightCheck Print Info (Dark Mode)
FlightCheck Print Info (Dark Mode)
Markzware FlightCheck Document Info (Dark Mode)
FlightCheck Document Info (Dark Mode)
Markzware FlightCheck Colors (Dark Mode)
FlightCheck Colors (Dark Mode)
Markzware FlightCheck Fonts (Dark Mode)
FlightCheck Fonts (Dark Mode)
Markzware FlightCheck Images (Dark Mode)
FlightCheck Images (Dark Mode)

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Inventory Views & Reports contain the following sections
(available as HTML, TXT, RTF, JSON, and XML)


File Info Widget
Page Info Widget
Font Info Widget
Color Info Widget
Image Info Widget

File Info

File Size
Creation Date
Modification Date


Page Count
Spread Count
Master Page Count
(Print, Mobile, Web)


Paper Size
Registration Marks

Document Info

Page #
Printed #

Image Count
Missing Image Count
Page Size Name


Color Swatch
CMYK Values
Used By
(Document, Image, Text)



File Path
File Size


File Path

Effective PPI

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Inventory Section Features

Rearrange Sections


Move the sections that are most important to you to the top of the view.

Section Collapse


Collapse sections that you might not need to see often. Quickly and easily expand any section at any time.

Filter Section Table Views

Filter Section
Table Views

Filter each Table by values such as “All,” “Used,” “Used Missing,” “CMYK,” “RGB,” and much more.

Resize Section Table Views

Resize Section
Table Views

View the tables as Small, Medium, Large, or Extra-Large sizes.

Hide/Show Fields & Columns

Fields & Columns

You can hide any of the fields or columns to simplify the content down to what’s important to you.

Export Section as CSV

Export Section

You can export individual section data. Maybe you need a spreadsheet containing the image or font data. We get you the data; you take it from there.

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FREE Demo Download

Get the fully functioning, FREE demo, to evaluate FlightCheck, for 30 days!

In addition to FlightCheck product updates, we’d love to send you special offers, industry news, discounts, product information & freebies by email.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Matteo Baschera
Sensational craft with a lot of potential

I have used the earlier FlightCheck Pro for a long time. I was already excited about the new version during the beta phase. And this positive attitude has proven itself during productive use in our workflow. The only thing we wish for is a Windows-compatible version for Christmas 😉

 by Terri Wright
Couldn't Work Without FlightCheck!

So glad Markzware is accommodating all the changes in computers and software -- couldn't work without FlightCheck!

 by DeShawn Burton
Thanks for helping change and making a difference!

I have been a fan of your company and team since forever! WOW! I don't even remember not being a fan, a patron and supporter through promotion. Your tools have helped me in some tough times. I have used different tools at every single job or client since my first encounter and opportunity to use them. Thanks for helping change and make a difference in what we do, have done, and will do. Nothing happens in this world until those of us in the Graphic Communications Industry does something with it. Thank you for all your hard work in making it 'a little bit easier'. FlightCheck has saved my life back in the day!

 by Reza Alee
Improve Production & Lean Printing Process

As a company active in Prepress, using the FlightCheck program was very valuable to us. Using this application can improve the production and lean printing process. Reza Alee, Prepress Manager

 by Terry Davis
Great to see FlightCheck Again!

Prior to upgrading to Mac OS Catalina, I'd used your software faithfully for about 17 years. It is great to see it available again! Functionality is easy to navigate, and the new look is a great update on the original!

 by Karsten Risseeuw
FlightCheck 2022 is back on the map!

I have used the earlier FlightCheck Pro for almost 2 decades. It helped me prevent disasters in production and frequently improved my PDF output. For some time now, the solution was outdated. The new FlightCheck 2022 puts it back on the map. Fast, simple to use and way more intuitive as the earlier version, this excellent tool will be a constant companion to my prepress work. Good work!

 by Amybeth Menendez
FlightCheck 2022 A Game Changer!

Markzware has done it again! FlightCheck 2022 is a game changer! Yes, I said game changer! FlightCheck 2022 preflights PDFs, InDesign, QuarkXPress files, and opens with NOT the embedded preview, BUT THE ACTUAL DOCUMENT PREVIEW from the documents assets! And ... (drumroll please) did I add that it is not necessary to actually have the specific software? I can determine if the Quark files that a contractor has sent me are complete and print ready, without having that particular software on my computer. That also means sales, and/or production persons that have FlightCheck can determine if the contents of a package are complete and print ready, and have a preview of what the files look like before handling off those files to prepress with confidence! Huge efficiency and productivity saver! No more kicking back files and losing time. When I finish working on a job, I package files for archival with confidence, knowing all the assets have been collected. FlightCheck has the ability to automate my workflow. Win, Win! If you have used FlightCheck in the past, you really need to 'test-drive' the newly revamped 8 cylinder FlightCheck! Vroom Vroom!

 by Bryan Keever
FlightCheck Release Works Seamlessly

I'm pleased to see that this FlightCheck release works seamlessly on newest versions of Mac OS. Nice new intuitive user interface, and FlightCheck Score is a bonus. Looking forward to continuing to use this powerful tool --for print and digital environments alike.

 by James
I can't wait for a new FlightCheck

It has been about 11 years since I used FlightCheck. I have been building cases to get it again and buy for my team. Then I discovered that it would not follow mac as they left 32 bit. my heart sunk. I loved its ease of use and the way that it worked. I cant wait to see it come back bigger and better then before.

System Requirements

Mac System Requirements


• 13 Ventura
• 12 Monterey
• 11 Big Sur
• 10.15 Catalina
• 10.14 Mojave
• 10.13 High Sierra


• Mac Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini
• 4 GB of RAM
• 1024 x 768 display or better
• Internet connection to activate and register

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