Markzware: IDMarkz, preview, convert and export Adobe InDesign files

Unparalleled Conversion Abilities

Take control of your creations with IDMarkz®, the first of our next generation of conversion and preview applications. You likely have years of work locked away in InDesign files. This amazing piece of magic gives you both the ability to preview those files and the power to move those documents to your preferred editing application.

IDMarkz enables users to convert Adobe InDesign 2022 through CS4 to many other file formats!

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Open InDesign Files in

QuarkXPress Logo
QuarkXPress* 2017 or newer

Affinity Publisher
Affinity Publisher
Open Adobe InDesign files in Older versions of Adobe InDesign
Older Adobe InDesign
Open Adobe InDesign files in Adobe Acrobat
Open Adobe InDesign files in Adobe Illustrator
Open Adobe InDesign files in many other applications
Many Others

Replacement for MarkzTools2 and ID2Q

Learn more about the discontinuation of MT2 and ID2Q.

Export InDesign Files As

Export Adobe InDesign files as IDML
Export Adobe InDesign files as PDF
Export Adobe InDesign files as TIFF
Export Adobe InDesign files as PNG images
Export Adobe InDesign files as JPEG images
Export Adobe InDesign files as GIF images

IDMarkz enables you to export InDesign files to numerous non-proprietary file types, including IDML, PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and GIF. Open .INDD and .INDT (InDesign Template) files in an earlier version of InDesign or in another application!

PDF + Acrobat

Export Annotatable PDFs

Export an InDesign file to high-quality PDF, via IDMarkz, without Adobe InDesign. Add annotations, markups, and comments, in Acrobat, and import the editing marks back into InDesign.

Adobe Documentation…

Purchasing Options

$149/ pay once

Perpetual (macOS)

  • Check Preview InDesign files
  • Check Export as IDML, PDF, and more
  • Check Open in QXP, Publisher, and more
  • Check Export annotatable PDFs

Freebie (macOS)

  • Check Preview InDesign files
  • None No exporting
  • None No Open in …
  • None No annotatable PDFs

Simplify Your Workflow

IDMarkz is designed to make complex tasks quick and easy. Preview your document, then, with a single click, open the file in QuarkXPress*, Affinity Publisher, an older version of InDesign, other pre-defined applications, or define your own.

Quick Look Previews

for InDesign, IDML, and InCopy

View document previews from any Finder window, with the push of the spacebar. This is a quick and easy method, to find the specific file you are looking for, if you do not remember exactly what you named it.

Thumbnail Previews

Preview the first page from the Finder

Optionally, turn on thumbnail previews, from the IDMarkz preferences, and view thumbnail previews, in any Finder window. This option will replace the default InDesign file icon with a preview of the first page of the document.

Freebie Download

You can get a download that lets you use the IDMarkz preview feature, for free! This freebie is a great tool for viewing InDesign documents, at no cost.

The exporting features can be enabled at any time with the purchase of a license.

Purchase options…




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Average rating:  
 17 reviews
 by Frank
Saved the project

One of my customers had a problem with a corrupted indesign document - no chance to open it in indesign and no backup file.
With IDMarkz i was able to export the document to .idml and after that we could work in indesign again.
Great success

 by Sergei
Very good!

Very useful for getting previews of InDesign files. Exactly what I needed.

 by Lwike

Excellent program! Accurately converts Adobe InDesign to Affinity Publisher.

 by Eli

Does what it promises and even works with InDesign 2021 files.
Thanks a lot!

 by Kelsie
Marketing Coordinator

This program saves me so much time and headache. It runs efficiently, is easy to use, and the support staff is very attentive.

 by Herbert Kellner
Saved by IDMarkz

While working on the manual for the Job Contender we found out we could no longer open some older important InDesign files. Because of a very tight budget, we moved away from Adobe software to more affordable Apps. A graphic designer pointed us in the right direction. His recommendation was Markzware, a leading software publisher.

Markzware’s program IDMarkz saved us because we were able to open all our InDesign documents, convert them to PDF, and make the deadline. The process is very easy. Just drag & drop your document and you are ready to edit in InDesign CS6.

 by Dana Perkins
Huge Time Saver!

Extremely easy to use! I tested it by translating complex InDesign files into Affinity Publisher, which included a form with lots of rules and tabbed text columns, our business stationery and brochures, and a book of almost 100 pages! Everything was translated spot on perfect and were as fully editable as the original files, although in some cases fonts were substituted with very close equivalents, and Zapf Dingbats needed tweaking. In one case, a tiff of a signature was slightly out of position but was easily nudged back into place. The alternative to this software would have been for me to open and then export thousands of InDesign files in a different format, which would have taken me MONTHS! Using this translation software is a HUGE time saver!

 by SteveH
Now I feel safe!

I used Markzware Flightcheck for many years. Purchased both IDMarkz and QXPMarkz as a safety net. I am a one-man design shop in a rather busy company, and we have IND files going back 15 years. Like so many people fed-up with Adobe we stuck with CS6 for years, until Adobe blocked our seriel number from re-installing. Went with both Quark and Affinity Designer. Now, the new boss said we should subscribe to Creative Cloud so we dont fall too far behind. This left me with documents in virtually every format!!

So far Markzware has made it easy to convert back and forth, with very little reflow/rebuild issues. WAY BETTER than rebuilding every file from scratch. No matter which format the boss wants, or the printer needs, I can accomodate with minimal disruption.

 by Tom Deuley
New and Great

When I retired I could no longer afford Adobe, and after years of using old copies it ran out when my Apple OS sudenly would no longer allow me to even open an Adobe product, except the basic Acrobat reader. So what do you do. I found the AFFINITY suite and found just as good for me, though the learning curve was not really smooth. But the how do I open the old Adobe stuff. Again I lucked out in finding IDMarkz. Though I have just got it, I consider it wonderful, especially for opening old Adobe files I thought I would never get to see again.

 by DK

Saved us from a full day of work being lost and a Saturday being down the drain. So grateful this exists -- we were out of options here!

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System Requirements

Mac System Requirements


• 12 Monterey
• 11 Big Sur
• 10.15 Catalina
• 10.14 Mojave
• 10.13 High Sierra
• 10.12 Sierra


• Mac Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini
• 4 GB of RAM
• 1024 x 768 display or better
• Internet connection to activate and register

*QuarkXPress 2017 or newer is required to open the exported IDML file. [Quark Press Release]

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