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Bonus feature: Complete File Inventory!

OmniMarkz® is a powerful combination of Markzware’s three popular conversion tools. QXPMarkz, IDMarkz, and PDFMarkz are now combined, along with a complete File Inventory reporting feature. With OmniMarkz, you can now Preview, Report, and convert QuarkXPress, InDesign, and PDF documents all via a single stand-alone application. OmniMarkz enables users to capture file inventory and convert Adobe InDesign 2023 through CS4, QuarkXPress 2023 through QuarkXPress 3, and PDF documents to many other DTP file formats.

Conversion possibilities include: PDF to InDesign, InDesign to Affinity Publisher, QuarkXPress to InDesign, Illustrator to InDesign, InDesign to IDML (lower versions of InDesign), and much more!

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Markzware OmniMarkz Cover dark mode

Open InDesign, QuarkXPress,
and PDF Files In

Open Adobe InDesign files in Older versions of Adobe InDesign
Adobe InDesign* CS4 or newer
Open Adobe InDesign files in Adobe Acrobat
Open Adobe InDesign files in Adobe Illustrator
Illustrator* CS4 or newer
Affinity Publisher
Affinity Publisher* v1.8 or newer
Open Adobe InDesign files in many other applications
Many Others

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[Buy or Try OmniMarkz for macOS Now]

Export InDesign, QuarkXPress, and PDF Files as

Export Adobe InDesign files as IDML
Export Adobe InDesign files as PDF
Export Adobe InDesign files as TIFF
Export Adobe InDesign files as PNG images
Export Adobe InDesign files as JPEG images
Export Adobe InDesign files as GIF images

OmniMarkz enables you to export InDesign, QuarkXPress, and PDF files to numerous non-proprietary file types, including IDML, PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and GIF. Open .INDD, .QXP, and .PDF files in many DTP applications!

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Export Styled Text Stories

Export QuarkXPress, InDesign, and PDF text stories as RTF, HTML, or plain-text (TXT). This is very useful if you need to re-purpose the content of a file but not the layout. Text formatting is maintained in the exported content.

Purchasing Options

$599/ pay once

Perpetual (macOS)

  • Check Preview InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and PDF
  • Check Export as IDML, PDF, and more
  • Check Open in ID, QXP, Publisher, and more
  • Check Export annotatable PDFs
  • Check Optional Upgrade charges may apply

Freebie (macOS)

  • Check Preview InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and PDF
  • None No exporting
  • None No Open in …
  • None No annotatable PDFs

What is the difference between Perpetual and Subscription Licenses

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Simplify Your Workflow

OmniMarkz is designed to make complex tasks quick and easy. Preview your document, then, with a single click, open the file in QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, InDesign, other pre-defined applications, or define your own.

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Integrates with Automated Workflows

With Automation Preferences, AppleScript support, and Custom URL Scheme, OmniMarkz will have no problem integrating into most automation workflows.

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InDesign Integration with Scripts

Users who are familiar with our Q2ID InDesign Plug-Ins appreciate the ease of converting QuarkXPress documents, directly, within InDesign. OmniMarkz comes with the same type of integration, allowing users to choose “Open QuarkXPress File…” right from the InDesign File menu. The selected document will be converted by OmniMarkz and opened in InDesign, automating the entire QuarkXPress-to-InDesign file conversion process.

OmniMarkz Scripts Documentation

Freebie Download

You can get a download that lets you use the OmniMarkz preview feature, for free! This freebie is a great tool for viewing InDesign, QuarkXPress, and PDF documents, at no cost. The exporting features can be enabled at any time with the purchase of a license.

Download OmniMarkz Freebie

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Average rating:  
 13 reviews
 by Eva Bee
Hallelujah!!! Omni is the answer.

I've got this 500 page catalog to redesign and repour with NO NATIVE FILES except an old PDF. I would be old(er) and grey(er) without this fabulous piece of software from Markzware called OmniMarkz. This product has lowered my blood pressure, erased the forehead wrinkles and made me young again. It also gives me natives to work with. Ahhhhh. What a wonderful product.

 by Kevin Boast
The end of a nightmare!

We wish we'd had this product years ago... After an initial problem with the demo version crashing during our evaluation process we put in a support ticket on the off-chance, which was dealt with and sorted within an hour, in spite of us not being a paid-up customer at that point. This prompt response was a deciding factor in our company's decision to purchase the yearly subscription version of OmniMarkz. We've tested it extensively with a library of old files and documents and so far it seems that nothing phases it. If we encounter any problematic files I'm sure their support team will quickly sort them out.

 by Dave Clayton
People Need to Know About This product!

Oh my word, I love it. It perfectly packaged the file up and recreated a great new InDesign doc. So I'm going to use it in some other files and get my hands dirty and see what else it can do and then do a video about it. You have a fan here!!!

 by Randy Dunbar
With OmniMarkz the opportunity to work with even more formats has exciting possibilities!

I have found this application to be completely useful. I have ads from clients, generally in PDF formats and often need to make changes -- Omni and PDF allow me to work in formats that I am familiar with. I teach graphic design to students and often show them how this works. In fact, we have a substantial online library where you can save pages as PDFs -- again opening them in InDesign has distinct advantages. With OmniMarkz the opportunity to work with even more formats has exciting possibilities. Really unique and powerful tools for the designer.

 by Scott Citron
OmniMarkz is Powerful, Industrial Strength Production Tool!

OmniMarkz is a powerful, industrial-strength production tool for converting multiple file formats to and from InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Affinity Publisher. In addition, the product's intelligent automation and file preview and reporting features make it uniquely suited to high-volume shops and agencies. Five-stars and highly recommended!

 by Robert Damelio
Quest Complete; Goal Achieved

My personal Odyssey...

I very recently discovered the YouTube video of you and Laurie Ruhlin discussing QXPMarkz. I have been searching off and on for 15 years for something that could allow me to access long ago (early 2000's) work products that were primarily Quark and Illustrator files. I am more than delighted to find out that the software does just what I was looking for. I had done a Google search to see if Adobe InDesign could open Quark files. That is how I found out about the wonderful product(s) you offer. Naturally, I bought an annual license. It takes a while to go through 20 years of work products...

 by Crystal
Easy Conversion

I really love this product. All the designers have me convert different programs to InDesign for them. It does what it needs to do to save us a lot of time redoing a piece.

 by Betty
Time and life saver

So I’m writing a book, 300+ pages, image heavy. Softwares are dying on me, but I got to finally send the manuscript in a pdf format to the interior designer. Then I got the news that he can’t get it load properly into InDesign. We both freak out, given I have 250+ images and dozens of other special content that are not loading right. There is no way I’m touching that manuscript again. Haha. So my husband did a quick search and we saw a video about OmniMarkz. I knew in that instant it’ll be my life and time saver. So I spent $300 on the software and voila. Converting the pdf into InDD took about 5 seconds LMAO. Then I got to take a look at all the contents by type, fonts I used, whatnot. Very handy even for someone with zero editing skills in InDD. So I click save, then send the thing to the designer. He calls me back and ask how the heck did I do that THAT fast. It’s perfect, just as it is supposed to be. I laugh and happily explain the best $300 I’ve ever spent on the book. Haha. I bet he’ll be a future customer if he isn’t already. The project stayed on time, the software saved insane work for us all, totally worth the price. I cannot recommend it enough. It’s not something you cannot afford, but something you cannot not afford.

 by Rick Meints
Production Manager

We have a large back catalog of Quark files that we working through to convert to InDesign as we reprint each book. Omnimarkz makes the conversion process just a simple drag-and-drop effort that takes very little time and the InDesign file is very usable with few if any corrections needed. I wish more software worked this well with Creative Suite, especially when it handles the yearly versions of Creative Suite with ease.

 by Joe
Goodbye Quark, etc.

OmniMarkz is a fantastic expansion of Q2ID (QXPMarkz). Not only am I able to continue to eradicate Quark from my archives, but it has also already rescued a couple of corrupted InDesign files. That alone is worth the price, but the additional capabilities with Illustrator and PDF really make this is an essential print production tool.

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System Requirements

Mac System Requirements


• 13 Ventura
• 12 Monterey
• 11 Big Sur
• 10.15 Catalina
• 10.14 Mojave
• 10.13 High Sierra


• Mac Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini
• 4 GB of RAM
• 1024 x 768 display or better
• Internet connection to activate and register

OmniMarkz Release Notes

*QuarkXPress 2017 or newer is required to open the exported IDML file. [Direct InDesign IDML Import in QuarkXPress]

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