Automate PDF Preflight, Editing & Conversion with Markzware Be Creative! Bundle

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The Markzware Be Creative Bundle PDFMarkz (PDF to Adobe InDesign) with FlightCheck (Preflight for Print) for free!
A $567€ value for only $219€ !

Get Prepared. Get Content. Get Approved.
Be Creative!

The Problem:

Editing a PDF, if not done properly, can be a risk in print-production and publishing.

FlightCheck 2022 takes the guesswork out of this process by providing automated integration to popular PDF editors, and Markzware’s own PDFMarkz. Watch this short video to learn how to edit your PDF directly within InDesign, with all live fonts, layers, colors, linked images, you name it.

At times PDFs need a complete overhaul. Some PDFs need more than a “PDF editor!” That is what PDFMarkz has been helping designers and print professionals with for decades.

The Solution:

With this amazing bundle from Markzware you can preview and preflight all your DTP files, then take the necessary PDF editing and conversion actions, such as what Century 21 Northland did:

“Absolutely Necessary For Our Workflow” (5-star rating)

The problem and the solution –> We needed to get press-ready professional documents to our outside print company. The mailings are merged with lots of variables that the print company handles. We needed to get the documentation to the print company as an Adobe InDesign document but our in-house marketing designer only uses Canva. PDFMarkz to the rescue! It easily converts the Canva PDF to an InDesign document that can be fully edited.”

– CENTURY 21 Northland

The Be Creative! Bundle includes FlightCheck 2022 when you get PDFMarkz.

Markzware has added another Markz-Line product to the bundle, IDMarkz. This provides the user with an automated IDML export that’s generated when packaging InDesign, Illustrator or PDF files through FlightCheck 2022.

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Video: Get Prepared. Get Approved. Be Creative!
Markzware Preflight & Converter Bundle!

Click on image below, to watch video:

Markzware PDFMarkz Logo, Pink & White on Black

PDFMarkz (PDF to Adobe InDesign)

PDFMarkz is a stand-alone application to preview and convert PDF to Adobe InDesign CS6 through InDesign 2022 on the macOS platform. This PDF converter allows users to open editable PDF files in Adobe InDesign CS4 or newer, QuarkXPress 2017 or newer, Affinity Publisher v1.8 or newer, and many other formats.

PDFMarkz Benefits

• Saves time on converting PDF documents
• Allows users to share PDF content in formats used within the workflow or by others
• Supports PDF conversion to Adobe InDesign CS4 or newer,
QuarkXPress 2017 or newer, Affinity Publisher v1.8 or newer, and more

PDFMarkz Features

In addition to other options, PDFMarkz features include:
• Document previews and Inspector summary
• PDF export as IDML, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and GIF
• Automation Preferences to open the file in your chosen application

What’s more, PDFMarkz lets you to export PDF files to numerous file types, including IDML, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and GIF. Open PDF files in InDesign, QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, or in another application!

What are you waiting for? Get PDFMarkz, now, with FlightCheck 2022 (for a limited time)!

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“FlightCheck, A Game Changer!”

Markzware has done it again! FlightCheck … is a game changer! Yes, I said game changer!

FlightCheck .. preflights PDFs, InDesign, QuarkXPress files, and opens with NOT the embedded preview, BUT THE ACTUAL DOCUMENT PREVIEW from the documents assets! And … (drumroll please) did I add that it is not necessary to actually have the specific software?

I can determine if the Quark files that a contractor has sent me are complete and print ready, without having that particular software on my computer. That also means sales, and/or production persons that have FlightCheck can determine if the contents of a package are complete and print ready, and have a preview of what the files look like before handling off those files to prepress with confidence! Huge efficiency and productivity saver! No more kicking back files and losing time. When I finish working on a job, I package files for archival with confidence, knowing all the assets have been collected.

FlightCheck has the ability to automate my workflow. Win, Win!

– Amybeth Menendez, print workflow manager

Markzware FlightCheck 2022 logo

FlightCheck (Preflight for Print)

FlightCheck macOS is a stand-alone print quality control application to preflight and package desktop publishing (DTP) files. This app has an easy-to-use, modern interface that allows users to preview, preflight, report on, export document data, and package files.

FlightCheck 2022 Benefits

• Saves time and money, by speeding up production and conserving materials
• Provides a thorough quality check, to ensure print-ready documents
• Supports multiple file types, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign CC 2022,
as well as QuarkXPress 2022 and Portable Document Format (PDF)

FlightCheck 2022 Features

In addition to automation options, FlightCheck 2022 features include:
• In-Depth Preflight Inventory for Page Layouts
• Discover Design, Print, Output, and Archive Problems
• Collect or Package DTP and PDF jobs

Save Time, Money and Get the job out the door with confidence with FlightCheck. Your Preflighting Standard in the industry.

If you do preflighting and haven’t tried FlightCheck, then you are missing out. Learn what being ‘FlightCheck Approved’ is today.

What are you waiting for? Get FlightCheck, now, for FREE, a $249€ when you purchase PDFMarkz for only $219€ – click the “Buy Now| button below!

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Buy PDFMarkz,
Get FlightCheck 2022 FREE!

The offer expires on September 6, 2022.

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Automate PDF Preflight, Editing & Conversion with the Markzware Be Creative! Bundle

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