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As many graphic designers know, Adobe InDesign only allows you to “place” a PDF, like placing an image. You can’t edit text or move elements around, within that. Multi-page PDFs can be a real nightmare, if you need to re-create those in a proper graphic design layout tool, like InDesign.


PDFMarkz converts multi-page PDFs into new InDesign layouts! With a click, open PDFs in InDesign! All elements are brought in for you from the PDF, such as pages, images (links), colors, styles, fonts, live text, you name it! A PDF editor within InDesign! BUY THE SECRET WEAPON DTP BUNDLE HERE!

PDFMarkz is a Stand-Alone app to Preview, Export, and Convert PDF to:
• IDML •InDesign •Affinity Publisher • QuarkXPress • more…

PDFMarkz workflow for PDF to InDesign, Affinity and more

InDesign to IDML – InDesign to Affinity and more

IDMarkz is a way to Preview, Export, and Convert Adobe InDesign files. It’s perfect for those using InDesign to export to IDML without opening the files in Adobe. IDMarkz is also ideal for those looking to convert InDesign to other desktop publishing (DTP) applications. GET IDMARKZ FOR FREE, WHEN YOU BUY PDFMARKZ!

InDesign to IDML and also open in icons IDMarkz
Convert InDesign to IDML,
QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher,
Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator,
via Markzware’s IDMarkz

IDMarkz can convert InDesign to:

  • IDML – Down-save to lower versions of InDesign
  • Affinity Publisher (Most used Feature)
  • QuarkXPress
  • PDF – without the need for Adobe apps
  • More
IDMarkz saved the day for my InDesign files

SECRET WEAPONS Secret weapons for Adobe InDesignSPECIAL OFFER

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Publishing Workflow professional, Amybeth Menendez, recently had this to say about PDFMarkz for her InDesign workflow:

“Necessary Part Of My Day To Day Workflow”

“I absolutely recommend this software. (PDFMarkz – PDF to InDesign)
A tool that no designer or prepress person should be without!
A necessary part of my day-to-day workflow.”

Amybeth Menendez, Publishing Workflow expert

Get what PDF to InDesign user, David D’Apice of the Simon Group, calls their Secret Weapon and keep your DTP workflow flowing. No Adobe tools are needed to view, export, or convert your files with these Markzware stand-alone applications! No Plug-ins required!

Secret Weapon Adobe PDF to InDesign PDFMarkz

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“SECRET WEAPONS” – For your DTP Workflow – Special Summer Bundle!

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