Adobe CS6 Plugin for Publisher to InDesign, Pub2ID Conversion Software

Note: Pub2ID has been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has a File Conversion Service where we can convert your Publisher files to InDesign.

Adobe CS6 plugin, Pub2ID Publisher to InDesign conversion software is document conversion software to open Publisher legacy files within InDesign CS6 files, including text formatting effects. Read more to learn about the Markzware Pub2ID InDesign plugin:

Have formatted text in a Microsoft Publisher file, but need to submit an Adobe InDesign file? Then Pub2ID, the InDesign plugin from Markzware to easily convert Publisher to InDesign, is the data conversion software to help you and other creative professionals, printers and publishers who submit InDesign files.

This fast-working Adobe CS6 plugin provides excellent return on investment when you use it to open Publisher in InDesign CS6. Adobe Creative Suite INDD workflows can import Microsoft Publisher into InDesign files with this easy-to-use InDesign plugin. Text formatting effects, fonts, colors, images, and more, can convert from Microsoft Publisher to Adobe InDesign with Pub2ID data conversion software. You can view the following video on how to convert Publisher to Adobe InDesign:

How to Use Adobe CS6 Plugin Pub2ID Publisher to InDesign Conversion Software

Markzware Pub2ID Adobe CS6 plugin can
convert Publisher fonts, colors, images, and more to InDesign CS6.

Get accurate file conversion and easy access to PUB content within a new INDD document, just by selecting an option. The Pub2ID InDesign plugin can open Publisher within InDesign CS6, allowing a project to more quickly progress in the graphic arts workflow.

Examples of Text Formatting Effects

Markzware’s Adobe CS6 plugin, Pub2ID, can convert Publisher to InDesign, bringing
text formatting effects and other document elements from PUB to INDD

Above are examples of text formatting effects in different fonts and styles that the Pub2ID Adobe CS6 plugin can convert from Publisher to InDesign CS6. In addition to converting text format, Pub2ID can also support color correction, images and image effects, for printing and publishing.

Users can adjust Microsoft Publisher text and paragraph elements via options provided for the following:

For more information on this InDesign plugin, read the Pub2ID articles. You can purchase this Publisher to Adobe InDesign data conversion software at the Pub2ID page and see how easy it is to open Publisher content within InDesign. For more document conversion tools, please visit the Markzware Products page.

Adobe CS6 Plugin Pub2ID Publisher to InDesign conversion software can convert Publisher to InDesign CS6 with text formatting effects. Use Markzware Pub2ID InDesign plugin, the Adobe CS6 plugin to open Publisher within InDesign files for Adobe Creative Suite INDD workflows!

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