Convert Microsoft Publisher & Open Publisher Files in InDesign

Note: Pub2ID has been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has a File Conversion Service where we can convert your Publisher files to InDesign.

Markzware customer Orange Print & Media, Inc., located in Rockford, Illinois, is a graphic design and commercial printing company that gathered their family of experience to start this successful business in 2007. Orange Print & Media has a wealth of industry experience that goes all the way back to the 1920’s and includes 25 years of information technology expertise from this knowledgeable staff.

Jana Leslie, creative director of Orange Print & Media, spoke about her recent experience with one of the Markzware conversion tool products, Pub2ID.  This Adobe InDesign plugin can convert Microsoft Publisher to Adobe InDesign. It provides a quick, easy and affordable method for you to migrate Microsoft Publisher content to Adobe InDesign as new InDesign (INDD) documents. Leslie, who oversees the prepress department, also creates graphic design work for newsletters, brochures, invitations and posters. Leslie, who had not worked with Publisher files, but has clients who do, needed to find a tool that would help her to open Publisher files in InDesign.
“My original plan for purchasing the Pub2ID plugin was for the many monthly newsletters that we receive.  Right now, when we get a Publisher newsletter, we have to open Parallels to run Windows OS, then open the file in Publisher, save as a PostScript, then distill the PostScript file to PDF, open the PDFs in Acrobat to paginate and create a PDF proof to send back to the client. I wanted to stop using Parallels, because it’s a system hog and slows down other programs.”

Leslie continues, “We use Markzware Pub2ID for clients that want to change working in InDesign themselves or have us manage any future changes to their documents in InDesign. Pub2ID is an effective tool if you want to stop using Publisher to do design work.  You don’t have to start from scratch in InDesign, because the bulk of the formatting is there when you use the plugin.”

For more information on how to convert Publisher to InDesign, you can check out the Pub2ID articles and Pub2ID video demonstration on the Markzware web site. See more data conversion software for print on the Markzware Products page.

Convert Microsoft Publisher & Open Publisher Files in InDesign