Convert Publisher with Adobe InDesign Plugin for Microsoft Publisher: Pub2ID

Note: Pub2ID has been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has a File Conversion Service where we can convert your Publisher files to InDesign.

How to convert Publisher to print acceptable files is an issue faced by many graphic designers, publishers and printers who deal with Microsoft Publisher. This graphic designer / company president found the solution in Pub2ID, the Adobe InDesign plugin by Markzware, which can convert Publisher to InDesign:

“No designer worth their salt would design in Publisher to create something, but as a graphic designer, I am often sent Publisher files to convert them into print-acceptable files as Publisher is not suitable for commercial printing,” Sue Impey, president, By Design Desktop Publishing Inc., expressed recently to Markzware, the creators of Pub2ID.

“I originally purchased Q2ID when I transitioned from Quark to InDesign, about 8 years ago. I received emails about other Markzware Products and realized that Publisher was also a recurring problem.”

Impey works on a variety of creative products for print, including magazines, brochures, flyers, business stationery and signs. Saving time is a valuable commodity. When Impey receives files built within Microsoft Publisher, Markzware’s Adobe InDesign plugin, Pub2ID, comes to the rescue.

“Pub2ID gives me another tool to offer my clients. Some clients like to put their thoughts of what they want into Publisher, and Pub2ID allows me to convert this into software that is suitable for printing. It saves me a huge amount of time from having to recreate the document from scratch, and gives me a starting point to work from for improving the design.”

Having only to do a bit of tweaking is worth being able to convert Publisher to InDesign for desktop publishing (DTP) with Pub2ID by Markzware. “It gives me a great place to start by converting the pictures, colors, general style and look into one easy step.  It has been a good investment, as it has saved me time and effort. I will, and frequently have, recommended Pub2ID to other creative professionals. If ever I hear the words Microsoft Publisher, I tell them to run, not walk, to your web site and purchase the conversion program!”

Convert Publisher with Pub2ID, the Adobe InDesign plugin for Microsoft Publisher from Markzware. Check out Pub2ID, available via the Pub2ID page, and be able to print acceptable files today!