Pub2ID Microsoft Publisher Converter to CS4 Helps Printer

Note: Pub2ID has been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has a File Conversion Service where we can convert your Publisher files to InDesign.

Pub2ID, Markzware‘s Adobe InDesign plugin to convert Microsoft Publisher to InDesign, was purchased by Hollands Print Solutions. Why purchase the Pub2ID Microsoft Publisher converter? Markzware asked Dwane Hollands and shares his answer here.

Markzware PUB2ID works fast and was a great investment!
– Dwane Hollands, Hollands Print Solutions

“We purchased Pub2ID for an urgent  job that I personally dropped the ball on.  I had Publisher but it wasn’t installed on the PC.  The disk was somewhere. I thought, ‘what the hey!’ I am going to buy that Pub2ID thing and give it a go. So, I purchased it online, received the download link by email. Installed and registered it over the Internet in less than 10 minutes. Opened InDesign File Menu Open. Found that pesky Publisher file and BAM! Opened on the first go. It had created the folder with the images in there already. Saved the file and then began the editing process.”

Hollands Print Solutions is a Northern Territory family owned Commercial Printer that services customers throughout Australia.  Operated by Dudley, Lyn and Dwane Hollands (their son), the business also offers graphic design services to their customers and often has to fix documents that are supplied to them “press-ready.” Dwane is primarily responsible for business development and technology upgrades. Currently, Hollands is using InDesign CS4 (Adobe Creative Suite) to produce some tedious catalog work, general business cards, brochures, fliers and magazine designs and the rest of the creative suite. Some Adobe Creative CS4 projects require a Microsoft Publisher converter that can convert Publisher to InDesign.

Back in the early days, Hollands used PageMaker, when it was still Aldus PageMaker, on floppy disks and on a Macintosh Quadra 700! Dwane was still in High School when the company purchased that!  Dwane shares, “But I used to dabble with it after hours.  We ran PageMaker for many, many years and went through the upgrade saga.  Software. Hardware. Software. Hardware. We were pretty excited when we first heard about InDesign and purchased it as soon as it came out.  So our heritage skill set is actually PageMaker, not the Microsoft suite,” Dwane explained.

The Pub2ID Microsoft Publisher converter plugin by Markzware for Adobe Creative CS4 was discovered several years ago by Dwane, who expressed, “I used to spend so much time after hours scouring the planet for the latest workflow products by vendors and what precisely they did.  Visiting forums and seeing referral links to new companies and products. I stumbled upon the Markzware site and saw that they did Quark to InDesign (Q2ID) conversion, which really impressed me.  Then I saw the Pub2ID program and was even more impressed. At that stage, it was rare for us to get a Publisher file, so it wasn’t a burning need.  We received more Microsoft Word documents back then, but I filed it in the back of my memory for later.”

Flash forward to present time and Hollands Print Solutions is now using the Markzware Pub2ID Microsoft Publisher converter for InDesign, which supports Adobe Creative CS4 and CS5.  Duane explains, “We’ve just begun using it and I understand that the conversions wouldn’t be perfect. I was realistic about that. You simply can’t turn chalk into cheese. The thing that excited me is we could take these painful files and correct them with OUR TOOLS. The tools that we are familiar and efficient with. Separating the images into a folder is just golden. We can process them with Photoshop easily.  All the colors in the document are added to our swatch palette. We can than do the conversions from RGB swatches to CMYK swatches, replace swatches. We can check our links pallet for resolution issues with images. Go to link on the page. Edit original. All our standard workflow habits which we use day in and day out to be as efficient and as effective as possible.

Then the file gets output to PDF from InDesign and enters our production workflow, like any other publication we produce internally. The file sizes are reasonable, the PDF quality is good and the process is simple!  I remember receiving a business card file in Publisher and having to output it to postscript and then distill. It had a single 300 dpi image on one side and some black text. Very simple job. The postscript file was over 1GB! It took so long to create and distill! That is ridiculously inefficient!

When it becomes a major problem is with magazine work. When you have an annual report of 48-64 pages, the problems become compounded.  Now with Pub2ID, we can use the efficient tools that we are familiar with.  We don’t have to arm wrestle Publisher in order to create an effective document for print production. We will save literally hours of prepress work per magazine now. We kinda count our blessings with what this program is doing for us.”

About Markzware’s Microsoft Publisher converter, the Publisher to InDesign plugin, Dwane expresses, “Pub2ID was a great investment. To be able to take those painful, cringe-worthy files and be able to quickly, efficiently and effectively edit them all shoe-horned into our normal internal design workflow is just beautiful. The pricing is very reasonable and it works fast! I know it’s a cliche, but our only regret is that we should have done it earlier.”

You can buy this plug-in for data conversion via the Pub2ID page. See more data conversion software on the Markzware Products page.

Pub2ID Microsoft Publisher Converter to CS4 Helps Printer