Copy and Paste Text from Word into InDesign? Try Q2ID File Recovery

Copy and Paste Text from Word into InDesign

The Problems

Copy and paste. We all do it in Adobe InDesign. Who would have ever guessed that via a seemingly simple, copy and paste of text or even images can cause problems with your InDesign files?

Copy and Pasting Text from Word into InDesign Problems – YouTube

Markzware Q2ID InDesign plugin, an Adobe CS6 plugin to convert QuarkXPress, can help.

Copy and Paste Text from Word into InDesign Problems – transcript:
Hi, everybody. David Dilling from Markzware. Today’s quick tip is about copy and pasting text from Word or PowerPoint into InDesign and the problems it can cause, namely, that your file can crash, and not only crash, but become corrupted. And you could see here a report on a bad file we got in and, with permission, we’re allowed to show a few pages and share the email thread on what happened and transpired with fixing this bad InDesign file.

The Markzware file recovery service uses a method, which uses our file conversion tools for converting the InDesign file (the bad InDesign file) into QuarkXPress, sort of scrubbing it free of any corruption; and then we get it back into InDesign with our Q2ID conversion filter, and we fix the file in this fashion. Unorthodoxed, but it works.

In this case, that’s the problem. We have their InDesign file back into Quark, but it won’t get into InDesign. It crashes. I asked some more questions and, basically, what we get in a reply is they’ve been copying and pasting text from Microsoft Word, then they started to create an index in InDesign, and then it would crash. “InDesign funktioniert nicht mehr”. It doesn’t function anymore. They’re sending more information about what can cause InDesign files to crash and our… what we have learned over the years of fixing these files, and one of them is indeed copying and pasting text from Word, PowerPoint, etc., etc., into InDesign, or even copying and pasting images, which is even worse, and I’ll put a link to a video we’ve done on that, as well. So, these are all things that can cause problems, and some of them, if you’re copying and pasting text from InDesign or Word, you should really be aware of this and protect yourself against these problems.

In this case, she told us. On approximately page 388, (it’s a huge file) there is a certain text that was a text she was just copying and pasting from Word into InDesign, “Tips und Tricks…” and in the headline, that’s what she pasted in and now, and since then, now that I mentioned it, or now that we mentioned it, in this back and forth, the file didn’t work anymore. So, I’ll show you in what we got back into Quark with our ID2Q > Convert InDesign Document to QuarkXPress. Here, we see the fixed file I could halfway fix yesterday. It takes a moment to open. This is a huge file.

Markzware’s DTP conversion tools are fantastic for getting data and content from one graphic design file format to another, Quark to InDesign, InDesign to Quark, Publisher to InDesign, etc. And we even have PDF to InDesign and PDF to Quark. Very useful, also for fixing files, because, sometimes, all you have left is that PDF. Alright, so here we have the file and, basically, at the end here, here’s the page.

So, here was some text, “Tips und Tricks…”, tips and tricks, and I deleted that text box, got rid of it. And, like I said before, I deleted some pages at the end, and, once again, this was an InDesign file, and now we’re in Quark, so at least now I can work with the file. InDesign wouldn’t even work anymore. It just would crash.

So, I deleted that text, re-saved the file, and then I went into InDesign with our Quark to InDesign plugin, Q2ID. I converted this file. It took a long time, with a lot of fingers crossed, but it came back into a new InDesign file, and you see that here. Got it back to them, a fixed file. Saves a ton of time and a ton of money. Alright, so let’s pop up the fixed file here. Missing images. That’s okay. Our disk, churning away.

And there, we see that the file is opening up and fixed. That’s Markzware’s bad file recovery service, and just wanted to share how, sometimes, the more details you can give us about the bad file and what you were doing, in this case, how copying and pasting text from Word into InDesign can really cause problems. Now, we all do it, and most of the time it works, but if you’re going to do that, protect yourself, make the backups, make sure you make frequent backups, in that case. And, for sure, don’t be copying and pasting images from Word or PowerPoint into InDesign. Copy and paste can cause issues in InDesign. Do the proper File > Place. It’s just the best way to do it.

Why does copying and pasting or copy and paste text from Word into InDesign cause crashes, sometimes? Don’t know. Not really sure. In any event, it will cause, sometimes, crashes. We can help fix the corrupted InDesign files. There’s a small intake fee and a fee you pay, if we do recover it. And it’s a small price to pay to recover your content, which this file is effectively dead, and we brought it back to life. So, that’s been David Dilling from Markzware on how to fix bad files with the Markzware file recovery service and, in particular, about how copy and paste text from Word into InDesign can cause problems.

Also, check out the Markzware PDF2DTP for InDesign or for QuarkXPress, which can convert PDF files right into your desktop publishing environment, so you can edit them and, in some cases, fix them. It might be the only thing you have left is a PDF file. It will extract all the images at resolution. It will re-create the file, so you can have it right there in front of you, to edit, use, and profit from. David Dilling from Markzware, wishing you a great day!

An Adobe CS6 plugin can help with file recovery if you encountered problems after copying and pasting text from Word into InDesign: the Markzware Q2ID InDesign plugin to convert QuarkXPress!