How Old is Graphic Arts? 60,000 Year Old Industry!

InDesign CC continues to gain popularity. Markzware wonders if the world’s oldest profession could be mankind’s oldest trade. I’m referring to representation of the graphic arts! Markzware develops several InDesign CC compatible products to help the graphic arts workflow. One such product is Q2ID, data conversion software for QuarkXPress to InDesign conversion. Markzware found this interesting article snippet about graphic arts:

Markzware graphic arts industry history engraved eggshells 286x300

Someone etched lines into 60,000-year-old ostrich eggshells (see photo).
Could these be the earliest signs of humans using graphic arts to communicate?
Source: New Scientist

They may have used a grid layout to help their typography. They did not have the advantage of Adobe InDesign CC, to which you can take  QuarkXPress convert InDesign with Markzware Q2ID. Also, I could not resist inserting this cartoon image of a “graphic novel” by a caveman as well:

Markzware graphic arts history caveman 300x222


Source: Photobucket

Q2ID converts files for graphic arts jobs from QuarkXPress to InDesign CC or CS6. This shows just how far the graphic design industry has come since the trade first started. Read the Markzware Q2ID articles to see how you can convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CC and their popular Quark XTension and other graphic arts solutions.

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How old is graphic arts? It’s a 60,000 year-old industry!

Title: How Old is Graphic Arts? 60,000 Year Old Industry!
Published on: February 5, 2010
David Dilling

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