Can I Import Old Quark Files into InDesign? InDesign Users Group Discussion

Can I import old Quark files into InDesign? This question was asked on the LinkedIn InDesign Users Group. (You must be a member of LinkedIn and join the group.) The answer is, of course, you can import old Quark files into InDesign – with Q2ID by Markzware. This InDesign plugin can import Quark into InDesign.

It is good to see such replies from actual graphic designers and layout artists who already know! This InDesign thread yielded some very helpful answers:

Richard Doyle • (replied in part:) Get yourself a copy of Q2ID from Markzware. It’s great. It lets you open anything from Quark

Royce HansmanI used Q2ID a few months ago to convert a 150-page pub and it worked like a charm. Yes, there were areas that needed reworking and that is how I really learned InDesign. I would strongly recommend investing in the Q2ID program to keep the frustration level down and the learning curve not so steep! PS This was my first foray into InDesign from using Quark for over 20 years!

Phil BarreraI, too, am an InDesign convert from Quark. Q2ID has been indispensable! I start any new project directly in InDesign, but at the advertising/pr firm I work at, Q2ID is used a lot as we pull past files from our archives and have to make edits. A real time-saver.

Q2ID v5.5 is the latest Quark to InDesign converter that Markzware has to offer. It is an award-winning InDesign plugin for CS5.5, CS5 or CS4. If you have older versions of InDesign, we even offer a File Conversion Service – just email Markzware on sales AT markzware DOT com for more details. If you have old Quark files, Markzware is your path to InDesign!

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How to Import Old Quark Files into InDesign

Markzware’s file conversion tool, Q2ID, can import QuarkXPress legacy files into Adobe INDD

Can I import old Quark files into InDesign? Yes, you can with Q2ID! See more tools for file conversion, on the Markzware Products page.

Can I Import Old Quark Files into InDesign? InDesign Users Group Discussion