InDesign Plugins to Convert QuarkXPress to Adobe INDD CS5: Q2ID

Markzware’s Q2ID InDesign plugins can convert QuarkXPress to Adobe INDD CS5:

File conversion software is a valuable tool for graphic arts and can provide a high return on investment. When moving content from QuarkXPress to InDesign CS5 files, creative professionals need a reliable, time-saving solution.

Markzware file conversion tools offer added value to help you deliver effective messages to your customers. Q2ID for InDesign CS5 plugins by Markzware are conversion tools for QuarkXPress to InDesign CS5 data conversion. The Q2ID CS5 plugin can convert Quark to InDesign CS5 files for Adobe Creative Suite INDD workflows.
Q2ID reduces the lead time involved in getting designs and artwork into the appropriate format. Q2ID data conversion software can extract data from a QuarkXPress document and transfer it to an Adobe INDD CS5 document.

Benefits of using Q2ID InDesign plugins for desktop publishing include:

DTP documents can range from a very simple single page to a very complex catalogue. Q2ID can help to get that complex catalogue, or the like, from QuarkXPress to InDesign.

Q2ID document conversion tools can open QXP content in InDesign Creative Suite 5. Check it out, in this demonstration video:

InDesign Plugins to Convert QuarkXPress to Adobe INDD CS5: Q2ID

Markzware’s Q2ID conversion software can import QXP fonts, colors, etc., into INDD Creative Suite 5.

To convert QuarkXPress to Adobe INDD CS5 with Q2ID, click “Markzware” in the InDesign Menu Bar. Select “Convert QuarkXPress® Document…” from the Q2ID fly-out menu. Select the QuarkXPress file to convert, click Open, and Save the new InDesign file.

Attractive InDesign documents can be excellent marketing tools. Another interesting thing about these graphic design documents is how they can capture the attention of your target audience.

Markzware’s Q2ID can convert QuarkXPress to InDesign, including such QXP document items as:
• blends and colors
• page positioning and linked text boxes
• text attributes and runarounds
• images, layers, and tables

Menu in Q2ID InDesign Plugins to
Convert QuarkXPress to Adobe INDD CS5:

With the Q2ID InDesign plugin, document conversion from QuarkXPress to InDesign is a smooth transition. Using this InDesign plugin, you can make edits to QXP content in an InDesign environment.

Creative professionals can use file conversion features to simplify content transfer. Q2ID’s capabilities can empower designers to move content into a format in which they can create engaging communications.

How to Buy Q2ID
You can buy Markzware‘s Q2ID whenever it is convenient for you, day or night. The Q2ID Bundle Subscription provides access to all current Q2ID versions for Mac and Windows, including:

Now, you can choose and switch which Q2ID plugin version from this bundle to use, throughout the subscription term. One affordable license gives you this freedom, plus all updates, free of charge, during the subscription term.

To get the Q2ID Bundle Subscription and more information, please visit the Q2ID page. More document conversion tools are available, via the Markzware Products page.

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InDesign Plugins to Convert QuarkXPress to Adobe INDD CS5: Q2ID