“Mac store and approved apps only”

If you get a “Mac store and approved apps only” message when installing the Q2ID (Quark to InDesign) Adobe CS6 plugin, or other Markzware plugins, switching to the “Anywhere” setting in Personal > Security & Privacy > System Preferences may help:

Mac store and approved apps only

10.8.2 Applications not Working

Downloading new applications on Mac 10.8 and not able to run them? Here is a solution to the “Mac store and approved apps only” problem. It is actually not a problem, as such, but a Mac OS setting.

“Mac store and approved apps only” – 10.8.2 Applications not Working – YouTube

How to install Q2ID Adobe CS6 plugin and more Markzware plugins, despite error message

Mac store and approved apps only” – 10.8.2 Applications not Working – transcript:
Hi, everybody. David Dilling from Markzware. The quick tip today has to do with a support issue that comes in frequently. So, you could file this under an F.A.Q., a Frequently Asked Question, or you could call it a FRP, a Frequently Reported Problem. And it looks something like this. We’ll get in our support form, or by e-mail, screen shots that looks like this. “Adobe InDesign does not recognize Q2ID version 6…”, etc., etc., etc. This has to do with all the Markzware products, but also many other Apple developers out there that do not sell via the Apple Apps Store, for one reason or another. In this message, obviously, the user is very frustrated. You see here, he, in this case, shows that everything is installed correctly. So, what’s the deal here?

Adobe InDesign does not recognize Q2IDv6_CS6.InDesignPlugin as a valid plug-in.

Well, here, I am on, one of the first that came up with the search I did, “Mac store and approved apps only“. And it says here OS X Mountain Lion limits Apple to Mac Apple Store signed apps by default. And that’s where the problem lies, on that, on Mac OS 10.8.1, and, actually, the updated text includes, of course, 10.8.2 on your Mac. You need to turn off a certain setting in your Mac’s settings in your security settings by default that are set on. You will have selected “Mac store and approved apps only.” Turn that off. Then, you can download and install Markzware InDesign plugins and applications seen on the Markzware Products page, without issue. We have a little PDF that shows you exactly how to do that.

“Mac store and approved apps only”

So, our Tech Support team in California made this very handy tip in the Q2ID installation guide, but it applies to anyone with this problem with any application. You see, you go into your System Preferences under Personal > Security & Privacy, and you change it to Anywhere. Well, once you do that, you’ll then be able to download again and install the Markzware plugins, as seen on the Markzware Products page. So, if you’re getting one of the Markzware Q2ID, or ID2Q, PDF2DTP for PDF to InDesign conversion, or PDF to Quark conversion, or FlightCheck, or PageZephyr Search, whatever it might be, if you’ve downloaded it, and you’re getting strange messages, and it’s just not working, for no apparent reason, go to this setting, change it to Anywhere, re-download. Please delete all your other stuff and re-download, just to be sure, and then re-install, and everything should install and operate fine from there. David Dilling on this quick tip. Hopefully, this helps you out. Wishing you a fantastic day!

Get a “Mac store and approved apps only” message when installing Q2ID Adobe CS6 plugin or other Markzware plugins? Read the above solution.