Markzware customer reviews plug-ins for Adobe PUB2ID, Q2ID and more

Markzware receives customer reviews on our Adobe plug-ins and other products. Following is a very nice Markzware testimonial, regarding our solutions, including Q2ID, the InDesign plugin to convert Quark to InDesign. See what this customer had to say about this popular data conversion software to import QuarkXPress (QXP) to Adobe InDesign (INDD):

“Its features, like that in all their programs, makes Markzware one of my favorite go-to companies for problem solving programs, Xtensions and Plugins.”

This was such a great Markzware customer review, that I felt obligated to share it in full…

August 27, 2009 3:17:33 AM GMT+02:00
Name: Roy Behymer
Company: IPC Graphics
Country: USA

I have used many Markzware
products over the years: FlightCheck Designer; Pub2ID; Q2ID; MarkzTools; Pict Attributes XT; PM2Q. There’s a reason I keep coming back and why I’ve purchased and recommended so many of their products, they simply work, which helps to make my work more simple. Even as we’ve progressed from one design program to another, dropping some along the way, Markzware’s products have always helped us, no matter which professional design program we use. Even their discontinued products are still useful for us. PM2Q still allows us to extract embedded files at full resolution from legacy PageMaker files when InDesign‘s built-in conversion of PageMaker results in low resolution embedded files. It’s features like that in all their programs that make Markzware one of my favorite go-to companies for problem solving programs, Xtensions and Plug-ins.

And Ray wrote another Q2ID review, or Q2ID testimonial, on one of the Markzware plug-ins for Adobe. Please read the last part:

I have become so used to Q2ID and its seamless integration with InDesign’s “Open…” dialog, I honestly forgot that opening Quark files in InDesign isn’t a native feature of InDesign. We no longer design in Quark and we use InDesign almost exclusively, but many of our legacy files are in Quark, so I do these conversions on an almost daily basis. Yes, some of the more complex files require tweaking, but almost all of the more simple files such as stationery layouts convert exactly with no editing necessary. That I don’t even think of the conversion as being done by a plug-in is a testimony of just how good Q2ID is.

Note: In the latest version of Q2ID, one of our plug ins for Adobe, the “file open” part has changed… you now simply go to the top right of the menu items above within InDesign, choose the “Markzware” section and then you will see an option, “Convert QuarkXPress file. It is that easy. You can watch the data conversion in this Q2ID video demo:

You can buy the QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign plugin via the Q2ID page. To see more plug-ins for Adobe, please visit the Markzware Products page.

Markzware customer reviews plug-ins for Adobe: PUB2ID, Q2ID and more