Q2ID Batch File Conversion From Quark to InDesign CS6

Batch File Conversion with Q2ID

Quark to InDesign CS6, CS5.5 or CS5 in Batch Process Mode

Q2ID Batch File Conversion From Quark to Adobe CS6 plugin

Hello, everybody. David Dilling from Markzware here. The question was asked to us: Can Q2ID v6 in CS6… or for that matter, in CS5.5 or CS5… Can Q2ID batch process (Q2ID batch file data conversion) and convert multiple Quark files right into Adobe InDesign? Well, the answer is yes.

How can we get the Q2ID InDesign plugin to perform a batch file conversion? So, we’re over here in InDesign. In this quick tip today, it’s quite easy to show. There are other videos to show how Q2ID CS6 works. Up top in InDesign, you have the Markzware menu item with all the Markzware Products, like PDF2DTP for converting PDF to InDesign and editing PDF in InDesign, Pub2ID, and, of course, here, Q2ID.

You go Convert QuarkXPress Document, just like standard, and then we can go in and choose the… or search for the Quark files we want to convert one by one or we can find the whole folder of files, for instance, a book or magazine files, or many chapters of books (that’s very common), and then, we can select one, like normal, or we can hold down the Apple or Option key on the Macintosh, similar on Windows, and select various files we want to convert, or we can just select one on the Mac and hit Shift and select all of them.

With Q2ID from Markzware, then you simply click Open, and all those Quark files of all different versions will be converted automatically from QuarkXPress 9 down to QuarkXPress whatever right into Adobe InDesign. Watch.
To recreate this content would take hours of work. With Markzware’s Q2ID, it’s done for you in mere seconds, one after the other, converted. And there you see it.

Here, we have an iPad advertisement we made in QuarkXPress 9. This is a movie, here, so that won’t convert over, of course. We have an advertisement fully converted over. It was an old print ad for FlightCheck. FlightCheck is also out, with version 6.90 now. Check it out, to preflight and package all your CS files: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and QuarkXPress, as well. And here, we have a sales guide, a manual fully converted, all styles, all colorization, all text. It’s that easy with Markzware’s Q2ID.

This is David Dilling from Markzware with this quick tip on how to batch process multiple files with Q2ID QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign. Thank you for your time and have a fantastic day!

Q2ID Batch File Conversion From Quark to InDesign CS6 – YouTube