QXD Converter: Convert QXD Files from Quark to InDesign with Q2ID

Q2ID, the QXD converter from Markzware, can easily and quickly convert qxd files from Quark to InDesign (INDD). Creative, publishing and marketing industries who need data conversion from Quark to InDesign can convert qxd files to indd files with InDesign plugin, Q2ID:

“Q2ID is indispensable for the designer
making the change from Quark to InDesign”
– Bob Hoot, Hoot Communications

If you need a breadth of creative services from publishing and marketing in print to electronic media and online, Hoot Communications is a great place to start. Bob Hoot, owner of Hoot Communications, has been in the marketing and communication industry for more than 30 years.

“I have used QuarkXPress for more than 20 years and InDesign for about 10 years. Quark was the program of choice until a recent purchase of Quark 9.0. Unfortunately, Quark is no longer able to output or export a proper PDF-X/1a file or Postscript file. All new projects are initiated in Adobe InDesign.”

Some of the creative work that Hoot deals with are converting ads to InDesign files, “I have a large library of Quark legacy files, including many ads for the publications on which I work. As I initiate new publications (many are annual visitor guides), I convert those advertisements into InDesign files for updates and modifications. I have been aware of Markzware for years and owned FlightCheck and PM2Q years ago and have kept track of new products. I like using their conversion product, Q2ID for short form materials such as ads. Q2ID is indispensable for the designer making the change from Quark to InDesign. I am unaware of anything else available that works as well.”

Markzware’s QXD converter, Q2ID, can save you effort and money that would have been used to re-create files. Q2ID can help you get your content from Quark to InDesign and is available online from Markzware via the Q2ID page.