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QXPMarkz users can use scripts to automate QuarkXPress file conversion,
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QuarkXPress To InDesign Automation

QXPMarkz users can automate file conversion from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign (.indd or .idml) with QXPMarkz scripts.

All of the products in Markzware’s “Markz” line have AppleScript capabilities that work within desktop publishing workflows.

With QXPMarkz you can involve AppleScript for previewing and converting QuarkXPress files.

If you have legacy QuarkXPress files this will be very handy.


Under the ‘Preference’ menu in QXPMarkz you will find a host of advanced features.

As an example you can open IDML in specific versions of Adobe InDesign.

In the ‘Automation’ section you can open and export an IDML of the QuarkXPress file or a PDF without even using AppleScript.

Use Advanced Preferences For Automatic Conversion Of QuarkXPress Documents To InDesign

Some of the advanced preferences that are available is the ability to convert a QuarkXPress file directly into an IDML file.

The AppleScript is running behind the scenes and will quickly convert the QuarkXPress document right into Adobe InDesign, followed by opening the IDML all automatically.

You can also convert multiple files right within QXPMarkz.

Love QuarkXPress To InDesign with Markzware QXPMarkz

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QuarkXPress to InDesign Automation: QXPMarkz Scripts for InDesign macOS For Desktop Publishing

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