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OmniMarkz SE

One application for Windows to convert .INDD, .PDF & .QXP files to many formats

$389 / year

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  • Stand-alone application that has no required dependencies on external applications or plug-ins
  • Versatile converter to open Adobe InDesign, PDF, and QuarkXPress files in other formats
  • Eliminates the need to manually rebuild .indd, .pdf, and .qxp documents from scratch

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A Single Application To Convert InDesign, PDF,
And QuarkXPress Desktop Publishing Documents

OmniMarkz SE is a powerful combination of Markzware’s three popular Windows conversion tools, QXPMarkz SE, IDMarkz SE, and PDFMarkz SE. The OmniMarkz SE stand-alone application enables users to convert Adobe InDesign, PDF, and QuarkXPress documents to many other Desktop Publishing file formats.

Stand-Alone File Conversion Application, Where Value Surpasses Cost

Examples of conversions include: PDF to InDesign, InDesign to Affinity Publisher, QuarkXPress to InDesign, InDesign to QuarkXPress, and QuarkXPress to IDML. Take control of your creations with OmniMarkz® SE for Windows, our next-generation DTP conversion utility. Download, today!


• Saves time and money, while preserving intellectual property and providing a single, reliable solution for desktop publishing file conversion

• Provides a simple interface to drag & drop supported files and convert them to IDML via Control-O (Open File dialog), then select the file to convert

• Eliminates the need to manually rebuild entire Adobe InDesign, PDF, and QuarkXPress documents from scratch


• Stand-alone application; no applications or plug-ins are required

• Convert InDesign, QuarkXPress, and PDF files to IDML; the Open Recent menu item contains a list of the most recently converted files; this can be handy if you have made changes to a file and wish to reconvert it

• Open newer InDesign files in older versions of InDesign

• Show Status Window brings up a Status window where you can see
information about files you converted or that did not convert

• The Help Menu contains the following items –

User Guide: This is a link to the online User Guide for OmniMarkz SE Online

Tutorials: This is a link to online tutorials

Report an Issue: Clicking this will bring up Markzware’s online Trouble Ticket form where you can report issues.

About: This window displays the Activation Status of OmniMarkz SE and the option to Deactivate OmniMarkz SE

System Requirements

• Windows 10 or 11

• 4 GB of RAM

• Internet Connection

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