FlightCheck 2024 Release Notes

February 5, 2024
What's New
  • Added support for QuarkXPress 2024
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for sizing of some JPEGs
  • Fix properly reporting linked PSDs in some files

November 16, 2023
What's New
  • Added support for Adobe InDesign 2024
  • Added support for Adobe Photoshop 2024
  • Added support for Adobe Illustrator 2024
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved an issue with reporting on Type3 font which is embedded

May 30, 2023
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for some Illustrator files reporting embedded images as missing
  • Resolved issue with a hang caused by TIFF images with layers

February 10, 2023
What's New
  • Ground Controls for checking CMYK Color Sums (saturation)
  • Ground Control for flagging Used Registration Color
  • Support for downloading Cloud files when not stored locally
  • Added Text Frames to the Inventory View
  • Enabled customizable HTML Report templates
  • Script to preflight with FlightCheck directly from InDesign
  • Ability to set up Hot Folders now from within FlightCheck
  • Output all objects, not only used, in the HTML Inventory Report
  • Preference to switch between Actual or Printed page numbers
  • Report Interactive Elements for PDF files
  • Use four decimal places for Page Size
  • Added Page Count to PDF Info Inventory Section
  • Creation and Modified dates now reflect the data in the file, not Finder
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for document previews in HTML Reports
  • Fix for PDF Inventory sometimes being incomplete
  • Fixed incorrectly reporting Missing Images as Embedded in some AI files
  • Resolved issue that caused Images placed in Tables not to be reported

December 13, 2022
What's New
  • Initial Release, Merry Christmas