The Creative Winners are…

CreativePro Week 2020, an online event this year, was a big success. It was so cool watching InDesignSecrets editor and an instructor at LinkedIn, Mike Rankin, mention the new IDMarkz in one of the detailed presentations.

Not only did we get to network with more than six hundred other InDesigners and Adobe users in general, but we also saw many sign-up for our big giveaway! And we even saw literal, InDesign MAGIC from the Adobe Certified Trainer, Jonathan Levit!

And the Winners are…

The Give-away — Three lucky winners, who each can choose a Markzware product.

George Reddick

Director of Marketing

George chose to receive
PDF2DTP as his free
giveaway product.

Lindsay Candler, Founder/Marketing Professional, Vero Marketing, CreativePro Week Markzware PDF2DTP Winner

Lindsay Candler

Founder/Marketing Professional

Linsay chose to receive
PDF2DTP as her free
giveaway product.

Kazuya Okamura, Web Marketing, Front End Engineer at NIX Corporation, Japan, CreativePro Week 2020

Kazuya Okamura

Web Marketing / Front End Eng.

Kazuya chose to receive
PDF2DTP as his free
giveaway product.

Mary Gay Marchese and David Dilling from Markzware choose the lucky winners via a YouTube video. And the winners are…

Thank you to everyone who signed-up. As a special thanks and to everyone from CreativePro Week, we are extending our 20% off special till the end of June 2020. Just use the coupon code, CP2020 on check out and SAVE!

(Click the image above,
to watch the video.)


Maybe you want IDMarkz, to go from InDesign to Affinity Publisher or just to export stylised text stories from InDesign files. Perhaps it is QXPMarkz, for QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign or even Quark to Affinity Publisher! Our most popular tool is PDF2DTP and now you can save 20% and get multi-page PDFs opened in InDesign with a click!

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