Markzware: PDFMarkz, preview, convert and export PDF files

Convert PDFs to Adobe InDesign and More!

Take control of your creations with PDFMarkz®, our next-generation PDF conversion and preview application. You likely have years of work locked away in PDF files. This amazing piece of magic gives you both the ability to preview those files and the power to move those documents to your preferred editing application.

PDFMarkz enables users to convert PDFs to many other file formats! PDF to InDesign, PDF to QuarkXPress, PDF to Affinity Publisher, …

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Open Editable PDF Files in

Open Adobe InDesign files in Older versions of Adobe InDesign. PDF to InDesign.
Adobe InDesign* CS4 or newer
Open Adobe InDesign files in Affinity Publisher. PDF to Publisher.
Affinity Publisher* v1.8 or newer
Open Adobe InDesign files in many other applications
Many Others

Replacement for PDF2DTP

Learn more about the discontinuation of PDF2DTP.

Export PDF files as

Export Adobe InDesign files as IDML
Export Adobe InDesign files as TIFF
Export Adobe InDesign files as PNG images
Export Adobe InDesign files as JPEG images
Export Adobe InDesign files as GIF images

PDFMarkz enables you to export PDF files to numerous file types, including IDML, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and GIF. Open PDF files in InDesign, QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, or in another application!

Purchasing Options

$359/ pay once

Perpetual (macOS)


Freebie (macOS)

  • Check Preview PDF files
  • None No exporting
  • None No Open in …

What is the difference between Perpetual and Subscription Licenses

Simplify your workflow

PDFMarkz is designed to make complex tasks quick and easy. Preview your document, then, with a single click, open the file in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, other pre-defined applications, or define your own. PDF to InDesign, PDF to QuarkXPress, PDF to Affinity Publisher, …

Freebie download

You can get a download that lets you use the PDFMarkz preview feature, for free! This freebie is a great tool for viewing PDF documents, at no cost.

The exporting features can be enabled at any time with the purchase of a license.

Purchase options…


Find out about our demo options of the full PDFMarkz and to learn more about how it works.

Purchase options…



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Average rating:  
 19 reviews
 by Xavier Bernis
Fantastic Product

A fantastic product. I can transform PDFs of my clients to InDesign and thus save me many hours of layout.

 by Carl E Eriksson
Worth every penny

I had promised to help import and adjust a friend's manuscript into Indesign from Word. It was a mess. I tried several ways and what in the end helped me the most was Markzware. Not perfect - but worth every penny.

 by Teri Capron

It does a fairly decent job of converting pdf files that can be sure beats having to rebuild a file!

 by Michael Bere
Simply Indispensable

I mean c'mon man, any PDF? Really, into any layout software?! What?! Okay, I'll try it ... wow ... Woweee!! Easily my go-to whenever I have to do conversions, aside from QXPMarkz. Only the most basic of adjustments are usually required to get the document to the exact original, Kerning and Leading usually are the things to check.

 by Christine Campbell
The Process went from 8 Hours To Seconds with PDFMarkz!

My teammate and I were very skeptical of Markzware at first. No way there is a tool out there that can do this. But boy, what a life saver Markzware was! It helped us streamline our workload by 75%. We had to take a bunch of old PDFs that were very design-heavy and update them with new content and layout. Each packet was 20 to 30 pages and not a single InDesign file. This process was taking more than 8 hours per packet, and we had to do 60 packets. To say we were crying was an understatement. Once we found Markzware it saved not only our time and energy but sanity. The process went from hours to seconds for an InDesign file to be created. It not only streamed lined our work but helped combat project burnout.

 by Patrick
Great time saver

I had a bunch of PDFs that were originally generated from Adobe Illustrator and this software converted all of them into InDesign files wonderfully.

 by Jennifer Yeager
Saves Countless Hours of Conversion Work!

The MarkZ conversion programs have saved me countless hours of time rebuilding books in InDesign. We have over 30 books that need to be converted from PDF and/or Quark files to InDesign. I don't know what I would have done without it.

 by David DApice
Always valuable

For many, many years, our shop has relied on Markzware products, and PDFMarkz is no exception. It continues to be our go-to product in a business that is constantly evolving. We see all sorts of formats, files, concepts through the day, and having PDFMarkz on our team lets us collaborate, build and create easily. Easily, one of our most valuable tools!

 by CENTURY 21 Northland
Absolutely Necessary for our Workflow

The problem and the solution --> We needed to get press-ready professional documents to our outside print company. The mailings are merged with lots of variables that the print company handles. We needed to get the documentation to the print company as an Adobe InDesign document but our in-house marketing designer only uses Canva. PDFMarkz to the rescue! It easily converts the Canva PDF to an InDesign document that can be fully edited. The tech team at PDFMarkz immediately jumped in to help when we were in the process of selecting this product and learning how to use it (which is easy). We are fully satisfied with PDFMarkz.

 by Kevin Armstrong

Had a mishap and re-formatted a hard drive that had not been backed up properly and this software is a lifesaver!
Been able to cull useable files from email proofs sent to customers.
PDF to Indesign is not perfect, but it can save your bacon!
Quarkexpress to Indesign is also a very handy tool if you have any legacy Quark files to convert to the Adobe world.


Hi Kevin, we're glad we could help. Did you know that if you have multiple filetypes to convert, like in your case PDF and QuarkXPress, we offer OmniMarkz. OmniMarkz is an all in one conversion tool that handles PDF, QuarkXPress, and InDesign files.

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System Requirements

Mac system requirements


• 12 Monterey
• 11 Big Sur
• 10.15 Catalina
• 10.14 Mojave
• 10.13 High Sierra
• 10.12 Sierra


• Mac Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini
• 4 GB of RAM
• 1024 x 768 display or better
• Internet connection to activate and register

*QuarkXPress 2017 or newer is required to open the exported IDML file. [Quark Press Release]

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