QuarkXPress Design Global Tour

QuarkXPress 8 – Xperience Design Global Tour

Push Creativity to the Limit with QuarkXPress 8!

Do you have what it takes to push your creativity to the limit? Then take part in the QuarkXPress® 8 Xperience Design Global Tour to see how easily you can channel your creative vision and apply your graphic design skills across print, the Web, and Flash®. Maximize your creativity. QuarkXPress 8 has some exciting new features. Markzware, developer of Quark XTensions and more, invites you to register today. See what you can do with QuarkXPress 8!

The QuarkXPress 8 Xperience Design Global Tour brings
QuarkXPress 8 to major cities around the world. You’ll see:

  • QuarkXPress 8’s new, modern, intuitive interface
  • The power of designer-driven typography
  • Tools to help you work smarter and faster
  • Easy support for global publishing
  • The easiest way to create Flash design in a page layout application — without using code!

QuarkXPress 8 offers a lot of possibilities to inspire your creativity for your future fabulous designs.
Get ideas for creating designs for online or print in advertising, marketing, printing, publishing, etc.
Get together with graphic designers, creative professionals, graphic arts industry influencers, and your local Quark team.

Check out the Quark Events page and register for the Xperience Design Global Tour at a U.S. city near you.

New York, NY (July 08)
Chicago, IL (July 10)
Rochester, NY (July 15)
Boston, MA (July 17)
Los Angeles, CA (July 22)
San Francisco, CA (July 24)
Atlanta, GA (July 29)
Dallas, TX (July 31)

See the Markzware Products page for QuarkXPress-compatible software, XTensions and QXP solutions.

QuarkXPress Design Global Tour

Title: QuarkXPress Design Global Tour
Published on: July 2, 2008
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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