Adobe Creative Software Error Code 4

“Adobe InDesign CS error code 4” Has that corrupt InDesign issue ever happened to you? Well, it certainly happened to Lisa Stanton, a self-employed graphic designer located in Victoria, Australia.

Markzware File Recovery Service User, Lisa Stanton, Graphic Designer

Stanton, who works with creative projects using Adobe Creative InDesign CS was working on a very personal and heart-felt project, a 140-page book for her father with photos and stories about their time spent together while visiting Greece last year.  While putting this sentimental project together, the error code 4 suddenly appeared in Stanton’s InDesign document.

Error code 4, oh no:

Stanton explains, “I had the Adobe InDesign file opened, and inserted a USB stick into my computer to access a text file.  I opened the USB to view the files on it, and the icons in the USB window were just Grey squares, and I was unable to select any of the files. I soon discovered all other windows on my screen were inaccessible.  I could still move the cursor over the screen, but everything else was frozen.  I did force a restart, and tried to re-open the InDesign file and a message popped up that said ‘InDesign has quit unexpectedly’  before the file could open.”

Stanton continues, “I tried to re-open it about 5 times (with the same results), then restarted the computer again. From there, I tried to launch InDesign without opening the file.  InDesign launched OK, so I then chose File>Open from within InDesign to open the file. Again, InDesign quit unexpectedly. I tried placing the file into a new InDesign document, got the message ‘cannot import file’ and I think that is where it displayed, ‘error code 4.’  From that point, I restarted the computer from the installation disk and used the ‘disk utility’ to try and repair the disk. A few errors were found, so I restarted again, but still the same problem kept occurring.  I could open other InDesign files with no problem. By now, I’d tried opening the corrupt file about 40 times. This is when I gave up and started researching on the Internet.”

Markzware to the rescue:

Stanton decided to Google InDesign error code 4 and that is when she discovered that Markzware provides a file recovery service for corrupt InDesign files. After getting in touch with Markzware and relating the InDesign problem, Stanton decided to give Markzware’s InDesign File Recovery Service a try to see if it could really work. “The service from Markzware with repairing my document was definitely worth the investment.  The quality was very good.  Fonts and links needed replacing, two pages of text had disappeared, and some effects had to be reapplied, but by and large I was very happy with the results. It saved me over four months of work. ”

Check out the File Recovery articles that further explain about how to fix corrupted InDesign files with this service to recover InDesign by converting Adobe InDesign and about other customers whom we could help to salvage document files. See software for desktop publishing (DTP) on the Markzware Products page.

Please share with Markzware your damaged InDesign document stories and call Markzware to the rescue if we can be of service with InDesign file recovery, should an InDesign error report ever appear to you.

Title: Adobe Creative Software Error Code 4
Published on: October 29, 2010
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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