Can’t Open INDD Files: Adobe InDesign Forum posts

Can’t open INDD files (Adobe InDesign documents)? Markzware shares solutions on how to open INDD files in Adobe CS4 and more:

Can’t open INDD files from Bridge or Windows Explorer? This is similar to when you can’t open INDD files when InDesign CS may not support the file format on Macintosh, but with a nasty little file association issue. User hengwen reports:

Now, neither Bridge nor Windows Explorer recognizes InDesign files. I can still launch the program from the Start menu and Desktop shortcut, and I can open files from within the program. But Bridge says the default  for opening an INDD file is Acrobat…or Photoshop, Firefox or IE. Windows says the same. The INDD icon is no longer displayed in Windows Explorer either. It seems to have vanished from my system. I have tried to re-associate InDesign files with the program through Windows Explorer numerous times to no avail. Operating System: Windows XP Professional on a Dell GX270.

Is the only solution here to uninstall & reinstall InDesign? Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

Cannot Open Adobe InDesign INDD File Markzware saw that some Adobe CS4 users reported that they can’t open INDD files and had failed attempts to fix it. Markzware shares an association problem solution offered by user dragonflynz:

I just fixed my problem, which was indeed a registry issue: for some reason the registry file was for CS3, which is not on my PC so would not open.  I downloaded CCleaner (reputable and safe) went into the registry section and ran a search, navigated to the correct issue and voila! Works perfect.

Source: Adobe Forums InDesign Discussions

When Adobe CS4 registry shows up as CS3, you still can’t open INDD files, or need to recover damaged InDesign files, try Markzware’s InDesign file recovery service to open INDD documents. Markzware has access to CS4 plugin solutions that may open or recover InDesign for you.

Markzware has Adobe CS4 plug in technology and other solutions to help you open InDesign files. For example, you can open INDD files (without the InDesign program), by using Markzware PageZephyr Search. PageZephyr Search can also locate text in Adobe CS4 file formats and more. You can use content found in INDD files to create new content, so you can publish InDesign documents via print or the internet!

Title: Can’t Open INDD Files: Adobe InDesign Forum posts
Published on: November 10, 2009
David Dilling

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