Corrupt InDesign Document File Recovery Service: Adobe Error Code 4

A corrupt InDesign file can be recovered from error code 4, 5, or 6, with Markzware File Recovery, no bull. Error Code 4 and other InDesign error messages can happen to any Adobe InDesign user. InDesign recovery technology from Markzware can recover InDesign after the appearance of Error Code 4, and even saved this corrupt Adobe InDesign document:

“I create Bull Sale Catalogs for my husband’s purebred Angus operation,” said Laurie Carrel, who is a self-employed rancher, as well as a retired graphic artist and owner of Saddle Tree Designs.

Pine Coulee Catalog Cover and Markzware File Recovery Service
Adobe InDesign has been used by Carrel to create designs since 2009, with QuarkXPress and Illustrator used prior to that. Carrel explains, “My main design project is working on a yearly catalog and advertisements that go into that catalog. I think I might have worked on the file too long and not closed it down over an 8 hour period, when my file suddenly became a corrupt Adobe InDesign file.

I didn’t know what to do, so I called my printer, and they suggested that I Google the code that came up after the crash. Since that didn’t seem to work, I called Adobe and spoke to a gentleman from India for about 2 hours. He was helpful, but as you know, they can fix program problems, not corrupt InDesign files. That led me to the Markzware File Recovery Service.

Markzware technology for corrupt InDesign recovery saved me two weeks of not having to re-do this yearly catalog. The quality of the recovery was incredible. I only had to change the typefaces back to the original, and just a few icons were gone. The cost was a bargain and worth the time it saved not having to retype those files and place them again. I would recommend your file recovery service in a heartbeat.

When the corrupt InDesign document first happened, I didn’t even tell my husband, because he totally stresses if anything happens on the computer. So, I kept it to myself for an entire day. Talk about a relief when it came back restored! We were both seriously grateful. I just kept thinking of the workload and how tough and time consuming it would have been to redo. Thank you for saving our butts by restoring the file.  We even got an absolutely fantastic sale after all was said and done.  It couldn’t have gone any better!”

Got an Error Code 4 message or other error resulting from a corrupt Adobe InDesign document? Markzware’s file recovery provides service for InDesign error codes such as: error code 4, error code 5, error code 6, bad file format -39, cannot open file, and other InDesign error messages.  If we successfully recover your document, then you make a payment. It is that easy. Follow the instructions on the Markzware file recovery service page and rest assured. Just fill out a bad file recovery form and submit your corrupt InDesign file, whether with error code 4, 5, 6 or other InDesign error. We will notify you of our progress rather quickly. We understand deadlines and can help recover corrupt InDesign files, including those with InDesign error code 4.

Title: Corrupt InDesign Document File Recovery Service: Adobe Error Code 4
Published on: June 8, 2011
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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