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The NEW fully stand-alone Preflight, Preview & Packaging app

FlightCheck 2022 βeta

FlightCheck has long been the go-to application for prepress and desktop publishing pros alike. It preflights a wide variety of print and online file formats, and also packages the job. This stand-alone application, FlightCheck 2022, provides full file information and quality assurance reporting. Preflighting just got better. Welcome to FlightCheck 2022!

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NEW Preview, Preflight & Package
engine and so much more!

Scans: PDF, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, & Adobe Illustrator files!
Coming soon: Support for native Adobe .psd Photoshop files.

Now, FlightCheck offers a full document Preview and functionality that
highlights exactly where the problems are, the ability to navigate directly
into the source document application and specifically to the preflight problem,
a New UI, featuring a Preflight Score, customized Reporting, and so much more!

FlightCheck 2022 βeta Testers Wanted!

If you are an:

• Existing FlightCheck user
• Preflight operator
• Graphic designer
• DTP publisher

DTP and prepress users, click here,
to learn more about FlightCheck 2022.

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InDesign • Illustrator • QuarkXPress • PDF

This stand-alone application will now, not only Preflight and Package your graphic designs and print jobs, but also Preview them, in full high resolution. The new Preview portion is part of the MarkzFrame preflight and conversion engine we’ve been working on for years. You can see the first examples of products from this framework, in our Markz line of conversion tools.

FlightCheck 2022 βeta - Preview Mode with Preflight Errors and Warnings
FlightCheck 2022 βeta – Preview Mode with Errors & Warnings

Introducing FlightCheck 2022

for PDF, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, and Photoshop

FlightCheck 2022 βeta Inventory mode with preview as well
FlightCheck 2022 βeta Inventory mode with document preview!

• Preview (without need for host application!)
• Preflight
• Preflight Profiles (Ground Controls)
• FlightCheck preflight Reports
• Package (all fonts and images)

Much more coming too! See the latest details on FlightCheck, today!

New, modern, effective, and intuitive interface. Check it out:

The NEW FlightCheck 2022 icon and logo

FlightCheck 2022 icon
FlightCheck 2022 Icon
FlightCheck 2022 Logo
FlightCheck 2022 βeta Export as PDF
FlightCheck 2022 βeta – Export any file to PDF!
Like a soft proof option…
FlightCheck 2022 βeta Package print job
FlightCheck 2022 βeta – Package job with all fonts, images, and required elements for the printer, archiving, or for the next user in your workflow. We include a preview PDF of your file, and IDML of the same, and compress the job folder for you!

More Information on FlightCheck

Visit the FlightCheck page or email, for more details on FlightCheck!

All βeta testers will get a coupon code to SAVE 50% when FlightCheck 2022 ships later this year!

FlightCheck is a tried-and-tested prepress workhorse!

FlightCheck 2022 is even better!
It now has a modernized interface with advanced workflow features.
Simple and easy to use, yet, extremely powerful for print perfection.
Perfect for graphic designers and prepress pros alike!

FlightCheck 2022 βeta has a new ‘Show Problem‘ functionality, to display the issue in the Preview window! Click ‘Show In‘ to be taken right into the native app (Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Acrobat for advanced PDF editing)! You can even use the ‘Notes‘ feature, for collaboration.
Native Illustrator Preview Preflight and Package
FlightCheck 2022 βeta lets you Preview graphic design files, like this Adobe .ai Illustrator design. FlightCheck is using our own internal MarkzFrame engine. The previews are generated natively, without the need for any Adobe or Quark applications. If you have DTP applications load, it can also take you to problem locations!

NEW FlightCheck Score Feature!

The NEW Preflight Score gauge in FlightCheck 2022 Beta!

FlightCheck Customer Testimonials

“FlightCheck is an indispensable program to check all types of files before sending them to print. While some programs have built-in preflight, none surpasses the options and power of FlightCheck.”

~ David Creamer

Markzware interviewed Alaina Shull, an Adobe InDesign user at Edward Don & Company/, a long-time FlightCheck user. Alaina tells the viewer how they gain graphic design and print production knowledge thru the use of FlightCheck. They produce product catalogs, utilizing the Markzware FlightCheck app before printing PDFs. This prevents catalog print-run disasters from placed PDFs in InDesign. Preflighting via the multi-award-winning FlightCheck application assists marketing & design team players on the same technical page. Enjoy the interview!

Markzware FlightCheck 2022 preflight and package beta

All FlightCheck 2022 βeta testers will SAVE 50% when this new and exciting prepress product ships!

More FlightCheck praise…

Complete time saver!
“I receive PDF magazine ads from sometimes questionable designers, which I use it to quickly verify resolution, color setup, and fonts. I have to be careful as bottom feeder advertisers can use the smallest problem as an excuse not to want to pay the bill. It’s a complete time saver, and I sometimes use it to spot check my own PDFs, and even graphics.”

by Aaron Meyers on FlightCheck (Preflight for Print)

FlightCheck 2022 logo new yellow stroke

We look forward to you helping us test FlightCheck 2022. All βeta testers will receive a huge, 50% discount when FlightCheck 2022 ships! Become a part of our beta testers team and give us valuable feedback on new Ground Controls (preflight profiles) or workflow links you require. Sign-up today!

Invite your fellow DTP Pros!

FlightCheck 2022 βeta!

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