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Automations are possible in several forms within FlightCheck. Let’s start with the basics and the Preflight Reports. The reports can be saved in JSON, HTML, RTF and many other formats.

Thus, as an example, you can auto-populate databases and job ticketing forms for a print shop, or advertising agency. The FlightCheck Automation preferences are very powerful, out of the box to help you automate even more!

In the Preferences you can find the standard Automations.

The ability to collect all job elements, typically called the Package feature, is very handy in FlightCheck. Being that FlightCheck is a stand-alone application and does not require Adobe or Quark apps to work, makes this Package feature very popular. Through the Automations tab, you can automate this process. Great for graphic arts workflows, for either delivery to the next party or for archving the artwork and assets with the page layout document.

You can expand on Automation even more through Apple Automator, for instance, or other scripting possibilities. The ability to collect all used fonts and images in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress and even PDF files with linked high-resolution images, can all be automated in your workflow with FlightCheck 2022.

Enfocus Switch users can set up watched hot folders and hand them off to their SWITCH workflows. Google Drive or box users, can preflight and share packaged files or preflight reports via desktop connections to those accounts and so much more!

Looking for more automation? Contact us and tell us what your needing!

Instructions (To Get Started)

In this video, we will highlight how to automate the preflight of your graphic designs and other workflow helpers.

  1. Purchase FlightCheck or download a 30-day full working demo.
  2. Set-up Ground Controls – using Defaults are fine for many to start with
  3. Go to the FlightCheck Prefernces and choose the “Automations” tab
  4. Set the desired automation (Reports or Packaging) on opening a PDF, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or QuarkXPress file in the FlightCheck stand-alone application.
  5. Advanced automation possibilities with Apple Automator and more!

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FlightCheck 2022-2024 Automations

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