FlightCheck 2022 – Getting Started Guide

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Get Prepared. Get Approved. FlightCheck 2022!

If you want to follow along with this quick, getting started video and don’t own FlightCheck 2022 yet, you can download a full, 30-day demo version.

FlightCheck 2022 is recently available and is a complete re-build of our DTP Page Layout preview preflight, packaging and conversion engine, MarkzFrame. This stand-alone application supports Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and PDF files of any sort.

The application is currently only for the macOS. After installation, which is simple after the download, you can start FlightCheck. It does not require any Adobe, Quark, or Affinity software to work, but if you have these DTP tools, it will offer you deeper workflow integration, which you will see in the video. I should also note that all of these features, functions, and set-up tips we cover deeper in more in-depth FlightCheck 2022 tutorials.

Before we open or preflight a file, it is important to start first by setting up your Ground Controls. The Ground Controls are the heart of FlightCheck, which are your preflight profiles. Don’t worry, we have some pre-sets to help you get started quickly!

FlightCheck Ground Control Defaults
Default preflight profiles
(Ground Control Sets)

Many preflighters will check a file with one of the default Ground Control Sets that come with FlightCheck. We have preflight profiles for PDFs, Page Layout (InDesign, QuarkXPress, etc), Vector (Illustrator, some PDFs, etc), Graphics (Photoshop, images, etc)

Instructions (To Get Started)

In this short video, we will highlight how to preflight your graphic designs and navigate through the features, functions, and options in FlightCheck 2022. We will cover the basics of:

  1. Purchase FlightCheck 2022 or download a 30-day full working demo.
  2. Set-up Ground Controls – using Defaults are fine for many to get started with
  3. Drag-and-drop a PDF, QXP, INDD, PSD, or AI onto FlightCheck (File-Open)
  4. Review a Preview of your file
  5. Learn what the Preflight modes in FlightCheck are (Inventory vs Results)
  6. The Basics of Preflighting
  7. Preflight Reports in FlightCheck
  8. Edit in InDesign – Edit in Acrobat – Edit in Illustrator – Edit in QuarkXPress
  9. Package feature to collect all used fonts, images, links, etc
  10. IDML creator
  11. Support

FlightCheck 2022 Documentation

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