Learn How To Preflight Files For Printing &
Publishing With FlightCheck Ground Controls,
To Ensure Quality Document Results

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The Markzware FlightCheck application displays document previews, and
will preflight, report on, and package your document output job for
printing and publishing. Learn about Ground Controls that warn you
of document production issues, before you output the document!

Preflight Printing & Publishing Files

You can catch document problems as soon as possible, so corrections can be made in prepress, before the final production stage of your workflow. By selecting Ground Controls in FlightCheck, and letting it check your document, you can see whether your document is output ready.

Markzware’s FlightCheck has Default Ground Control Sets (preflight profiles), so you can quickly start preflighting your document. FlightCheck checks all common file types, including PDF and files created in layout applications.

FlightCheck does not require the native Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, or other DTP applications to be loaded on your computer, in order to process these file types.

Preflight Application For
Print & Online Publishing

FlightCheck is a stand-alone application to preview, analyze, report on, and package jobs for output in print, publishing, and graphic arts workflows. The built-in checklist include new Ground Control Settings from which you can select important items for the software to check.

What Are Ground Controls (Preflight Profiles)?

Ground Controls are pre-defined rules that can be set to Ignore, Warn, or flag an Error). You can control the settings that direct FlightCheck to check specific document items that are critical in your workflow. When a document item does not match your workflow’s production specs, as reflected in the chosen Ground Controls, FlightCheck will let you know.


The five pre-set Ground Control sets in FlightCheck help you to begin preflighting as soon as possible. You can select a default set of preflight profiles, from these options:
• PDF Default
• Page Layout Default
• Vector Default
• Graphics Default
• Image Default

If you enable all of the Ground Controls and set each one to the “Error” state, FlightCheck will check your document for potential problems with every item listed and provide information about those problems. By enabling all checks, you are directing FlightCheck to find any output issues and other document problems.

For example, if your workflow plans to post PDF documents on the internet, FlightCheck can check them for you, to make sure that the documents are not too large. It will even locate missing images (including WebP and HEIC photo formats for iPhone) and fonts (including Adobe Type 1 fonts), as well as check for Unsupported PANTONE colors and ICC Profiles overrides.

Ground Controls To Direct A Preflight Session

You can toggle on or off switches for FlightCheck Ground Controls, to have FlightCheck “Ignore” the item, give you a “Warning” about it, or alert you to an “Error” for an item involving:

• Colors
• File information
• Fonts
• Images
• Lines
• Page Setup
• Print

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Preflight Print Files In Prepress

FlightCheck can be directed to help you with:

• Exporting a document preview as PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG or GIF.

• Opening multiple files at once.

• Generating one-off reports about your document.

• Packaging your document and creating reports based on document items detected by FlightCheck.

• Exporting an Inventory section as a CSV file, to use in reporting tools.

Prepress Preflighting With FlightCheck

FlightCheck allows you to view your documents in Inventory Mode or Preflight Mode:

Inventory Mode – FlightCheck displays about your document’s File Size, Creation and Modification Dates, Number of Pages, Used Fonts, Colors and Images.

Preflight Mode – FlightCheck displays preflight rules that were flagged, with information on what triggered the rule. FlightCheck even rates the print-readiness of your document and provides a FlightCheck Score.

Preflight PDF And Desktop Publishing Files, Today, With Markzware FlightCheck

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How To Preflight Files For Printing & Publishing: FlightCheck Ground Controls (Tutorial Video)

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