PDF Preflight Software: FlightCheck 2023 macOS Print Quality Control

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Markzware’s intelligent preflight software, FlightCheck® 2023 macOS,
validates print production files, then collects and packages all required
print elements, before sending, outputting, or archiving.


New FlightCheck 2023 macOS stand-alone
preflight application allows users to:
 • Preview, inspect, analyze & report for 
    print-ready PDF & native prepress files!
 • Easily set up cost-efficient preflight 
   workflow stations for quality print output.
 • Add your company’s branding  information
   in FlightCheck Reports, before sharing.

“… Couldn’t work without FlightCheck

– Terri Wright, Production Director at Workbook Creative, workbookcreative.com


Conveniently-grouped Ground Controls (preflight profiles)
accommodate common print production workflows such as:
PDF, Page Layout, Vector, Graphic, and Image.
This application supports new photo image types,
including WebP and HEIC formats.

Job-stopping problems FlightCheck will reveal include:
• Unsupported Pantone colors
• Used Type 1 fonts
• Image resolution that is too low (or too high)
• Image scaling and rotation
• Fonts that are NOT Embedded


System Requirements are macOS 10.13 or higher.
A yearly subscription for FlightCheck is $/€ 249. 
A Perpetual license is $/€ 399. 
To purchase the new FlightCheck 2023 macOS application,
visit the FlightCheck page or the Resellers page on the
markzware.com website.

Media contacts can request a review copy of FlightCheck 2023 macOS. 
Email Mary Gay at pr@markzware.com.
To resell FlightCheck, contact sales@markzware.com.

VIDEO: FlightCheck 2023 for
Graphic Design & Print – Ready for Take Off!

FlightCheck 2023 for Graphic Design & Print - Ready for Take Off

Get The Free Demo (Button to Download the Markzware FlightCheck Freebie)


For more information, email sales@markzware.com or watch videos on Markzware’s YouTube Channel.

Begin Your FlightCheck Journey!

PDF Preflight Software: FlightCheck 2023 macOS Print Quality Control

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