Small Font Size and Preflighting

Small Font Size and Preflighting

Minimum font size has long been known as a major preflighting issue in the pharmaceutical and banking businesses. With small font materials, print-packaging graphic arts designs, and instruction pamphlets, it is important to preflight, in order to check fonts, especially small font type size. Besides the legal issues of font size within graphic arts and print, the point size you use in your small font type is extremely important. After all, if one cannot read what was printed, what is the purpose?
Minimum Font Size in Point Sizes
Recommendations for point sizes include:

  • Type less than 7 point can be illegible. So, avoid using font sizes less than 7 point.
  • There are interesting tips online about CMYK color use in fonts smaller than 22 point.
  • Did you know that 14 point size type in CMYK looks out of register when printed?

Markzware FlightCheck has long been providing top-notch quality control to check fonts for decades and can now preflight font sizes in Adobe InDesign CS5 and several other file types. Minimum font size, along with corporate font list, missing printer fonts, menu styled fonts and inactive font are some of the main areas to check in your desktop publishing designs, and are more reasons to preflight fonts.
Minimum Font Size Markzware FlightCheck Results
The first preflight “Results” window above shows what you will see after you check fonts in one of the many DTP file formats that FlightCheck supports. These desktop publishing file types include:

  • Adobe InDesign CS5 or lower
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Acrobat
  • PDF
  • QuarkXPress
  • various image types

Here we see the “small point size” preflight error is flagged and shown in red, while telling us where the too small font size is. (FlightCheck’s “Page Layout” feature can show EXACTLY where the offending typeface is used within the document!) The exact point size font that is problematic for you can be set in the FlightCheck Ground Controls, at the heart of the preflighting process:
Minimum Font Size Preflight with Markzware FlightCheck Ground Controls
Preflight fonts in InDesign CS5 and other file types with Markzware’s patented preflight solution.

Desktop publishing files like Adobe InDesign CS5 should be preflighted to check for print quality assurance before the output process. Markzware FlightCheck preflighting software can preflight Adobe CS5 and many other file formats to check fonts in small font size or small point size for Minimum Font Size requirements.

Want to try a demo version of FlightCheck Mac, which was released with Adobe InDesign CS5 Creative Suite 5 support? Download FlightCheck today to check fonts in Adobe InDesign CS5 and more to see for yourself the power of the de-facto standard in electronic preflighting!

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