8 or more ways to drive a graphic designer mad (classic)

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Graphic designer solutions can help keep graphic designers sane. This classic bit of humor from Ghislain Roy about graphic design was all over Twitter last week and in times past, and oh so true, “8 or more ways to drive a graphic designer mad.” The preflight issues mentioned are those that Markzware FlightCheck Pro v6.5 could solve for graphic designers. Even those with the latest program updates, such as for Adobe CS4 and Quark 8 projects, may be amused by the first example:

Microsoft Office Word Document with Embedded Pictures for Graphic DesignerWhen you have to send a graphic designer a document, make sure it’s made with a program from Microsoft Office. PC version if possible. If you have to send pictures, you’ll have more success in driving them mad if, instead of just sending a jpeg or a raw camera file, you embed the pictures inside a Microsoft Office document like Word or Powerpoint. Don’t forget to lower the resolution to 72 dpi so that they’ll have to contact you again for a higher quality version. When you send them the ‘higher’ version, make sure the size is at least 50% smaller. And if you’re using email to send the pictures, forget the attachment once in a while.” Source (has since been removed, but was originally at) http://ghislainroy.com/blog/2007/03/06/8-ways-to-drive-a-graphic-designer-mad

Speaking of preflighting, feel free to check out the newly upgraded Markzware FlightCheck, which can preflight Adobe InDesign CS! Markzware FlightCheck can even check for low image resolution (like the 72-dpi ones mentioned above) and missing fonts, as well as report used elements, like a document inventory. There are many Adobe CS4 users who can benefit from this valuable application. With potentially several work hours invested in your Adobe CS4 project, it is well worth it to ensure a thorough quality control check before sending to print or web. FlightCheck supports Adobe CS4 InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, PDF and Quark 8, is available for Macintosh, and you can visit the FlightCheck page! For those of you looking for a CS4 plugin, please see Adobe CS4 plug ins on the Markzware Products page.

Title: 8 or more ways to drive a graphic designer mad (classic)
Published on: September 3, 2009
David Dilling

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