Batch Preflight Adobe CC Files for Print Quality Control: FlightCheck

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Markzware explains how to batch preflight Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) files to ensure print quality control, using FlightCheck:

Are you under a prepress document production deadline and need to check Adobe CC files for print quality, before press time? There is pre press software that can help you with preflighting your document.

By providing helpful solutions, Markzware enables users to create successful documents that could help to gain content distribution revenue. FlightCheck is a stand-alone prepress checking and packaging application to find and report on errors in Adobe CC and other print file types.

You can check multiple Creative Cloud documents, to find file problems, so you can correct them, before they ruin your print job. See how, in this Markzware FlightCheck demonstration video:

Batch Preflight Adobe CC Files for Print Quality Control: FlightCheck

Test several Creative Cloud files at once, to ensure they are print-ready, by preflighting with Markzware’s FlightCheck app.

Adobe CC file users can customize Ground Controls and select files for a quality check. FlightCheck can preflight the documents and notify you of possible printing problems.

Markzware’s printing solutions can help prepress professionals to eliminate costly errors and inefficiencies. FlightCheck also removes the need for an exhausting visual preflight.

FlightCheck Offers Many Benefits
avoids expenses associated with resolving print file issues.
• examines important preflight checkpoints for quality control.
provides a record of errors for prepress professionals to address.
• can preflight both PDF and non-PDF documents for printing quality.
• allows the workflow to proceed faster, by batch preflighting several files at once.
helps you through the preflight process, by displaying an extensive preflight checklist.
saves you the extra effort that a manual check of huge, complicated documents would require.
• makes the print workflow more efficient and productive, by locating file problems with bleed, resolution, etc.
• enables you to improve future preflight checklists by making selections based on the workflow’s preflight report needs.
• enables team members to complete tasks and to update the print job folder in real time, and thus prevents duplicate work.
• provides a powerful collection of preflighting tools, to help prepress professionals to achieve error-free output.

For commercial printers, publishers and graphic artists, Markzware offers exceptional printing solutions. FlightCheck’s preflight features permit users to collaborate throughout the entire prepress workflow. Collaboration, using a common folder, avoids work duplication and allows an increase in productivity.

FlightCheck Prepress Application Can
Batch Preflight Adobe CC Files for
Print Quality Control:

Batch Preflight Adobe CC Files for Print Quality Control via Markzware's FlightCheckSome of FlightCheck’s features:
• detailed, custom preflight reporting, with alerts and warnings.
• batch preflighting to check multiple files in one preflighting session.
• file collection to package fonts, images, and original files in one print job folder.
• customizable Ground Controls, along with built-in preflight checklist selections.
• support for PDF, INDD, PSD, AI, QXP, PostScript, EPS, TIFF, and other print file types.
• support for multiple languages, including Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.

FlightCheck has useful options for various print, file, and image considerations that affect output. This handy preflight solution allows the user to set controls that can help to reduce document errors in the print workflow.

FlightCheck can check Adobe CC and other print output formats, including:
• Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
• Adobe FrameMaker (MIF)
• Adobe FreeHand (FH)
• Adobe Illustrator (AI)
• Adobe InDesign (INDD)
• Adobe PageMaker (PMD)
• Adobe Photoshop (PSD)
• Adobe Postscript Files (PS)
• and other files

The FlightCheck preflight application is easy to use. It scans documents to find file issues, before they cause your organization to incur costs.

“FlightCheckFlightCheck can check print quality for a variety of common file types, allowing users to customize preflighting for their workflow. Using FlightCheck’s Ground Controls can help make it easier for users to manage print quality.

You can buy this preflight software, via the FlightCheck page. See more desktop publishing software and printing solutions for DTP, on the Markzware Products page.

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Batch Preflight Adobe CC Files for Print Quality Control: FlightCheck

Title: Batch Preflight Adobe CC Files for Print Quality Control: FlightCheck
Published on: October 18, 2016
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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