Compress InDesign File Mac

Compress InDesign File Mac

Compress InDesign File Mac

with FlightCheck

To compress InDesign file Mac is quite simple, if you have Markzware FlightCheck. This stand-alone preflight solution and packaging tool will not only check InDesign, collect files created in InDesign INDD, package fonts, and package InDesign files, with all placed images, graphics and used fonts, it can also zip up and compress your InDesign job. Even better, this multi-award-winning, Mac prepress app for desktop publishing (DTP) does this all, not only for InDesign, but also for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and even for the resulting print PDF.

Watch how FlightCheck can Compress InDesign File Mac in this YouTube video:

How to Compress InDesign File Mac with FlightCheck

Markzware FlightCheck preflight solution helps to collect files in INDD, to package fonts, and to

compress an InDesign file on Mac platforms

Compress InDesign File Mac tutorial transcript:

Hi, everybody! David Dilling from Markzware, and today, we’re going to show you how to compress an InDesign file, to compress InDesign files, actually, to compress the entire job, with all fonts, images, so you can send it to the next party in the workflow. Very important to make your file smaller for emailing, or to protect it in transfer, because you can corrupt an InDesign file without compressing it before transferring.

Compress InDesign File with Markzware FlightCheck

To use FlightCheck (to compress InDesign file), you can drag and drop a file onto FlightCheck, and it’ll check Illustrator, QuarkXPress, InDesign, and Publisher. But, in this case for InDesign, we’re going to show you, we’re just going to go Open Recent. And how to compress an InDesign file: We just go here and open this recent InDesign file. (computer chimes) Look at that. You first have to preflight the file, and then you’ll get full details on the file, to be able to compress the InDesign file. This is accomplished via the Collect feature (to collect files), or package InDesign as it’s called in the Adobe world, and there you can gather up or package all fonts and images used, even suitcases, and a preflight report.

Here’s the all-important part for compressing the InDesign file, to allow you to Compress InDesign File Mac: You click here, Compress Job (meaning it will compress a copy of your InDesign file with all used fonts and images), with a job folder, if you’d like, and we’ll save it out, in this case to our desktop. And now we collect the file. (computer chimes) There we go. It not only gathers all elements, it’ll also zip up and compress the file. Look at that. We get a “FlightCheck Approved” icon on the compressed archive as opposed to a “FlightCheck Unapproved” file, which says, “Watch out. This file has problems, missing fonts or low-res images.” You name it, we can check it all. Inside a zipped-up archive, you get the job folder. Inside the job folder, you get the InDesign file itself, a report, all fonts used file, and all images, collected and compressed with Markzware’s FlightCheck. This has been David Dilling from Markzware.

Please go to for more information on FlightCheck today, and try the 30-day demo version to compress InDesign file or buy one of the great special offers on FlightCheck that might be running. That’s been FlightCheck: How to Compress your InDesign file with all fonts and images. Have a great day!

Check InDesign, collect files in INDD, package InDesign, all with FlightCheck, the prepress preflight solution to preflight InDesign and other DTP file types for print quality control!

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