Evolution of Printing Infographic: Printing Press, Preflight Solution

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How did printing evolve?

Evolution of Printing – Infographic
From printing press to preflight solution, FlightCheck

The evolution of printing started long ago in Asia. Printing on a surface to communicate brought out a great revolution in the lifestyles of humanity. It became possible to produce multiple copies of the same script in no time from the master copy.

Initially, the Chinese invented carved blocks of wood as a means of printing. A movable printing system from the Song dynasty of China was in place by the year 1040.

Later on, in 1450, Johannes Gutenberg took matters many steps further with his unique invention of movable type, which he integrated into his “modern” printing press, using the numerous European characters and creating the movable type pieces from antimony, tin and lead. Gutenberg’s printing press and type invention led to precisely calculated proportions and fine typesetting. This evolution of printing was quite a great achievement and is still amazing, even when compared to the advanced cartridge printers of the present day.

Similarly, FlightCheck, the preflight solution from Markzware, has helped the evolution of printing, as well as desktop publishing (DTP). The evolution of Desktop Publishing itself, in general, is equally amazing to the overall evolution of printing. Check out this printing graphic:

Evolution of Printing – Infographic
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Evolution of Printing

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From printing invention to digital printing, check out this cool evolution of printing graphic!

Title: Evolution of Printing Infographic: Printing Press, Preflight Solution
Published on: April 3, 2013
David Dilling

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