File Preparation, Fonts and FlightCheck

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File preparation and fonts: Preflighting with FlightCheck to check InDesign files and package fonts before printing:

Action Graphics, a full service printing and mailing production center in NJ (USA). This printing center mentions the importance of file preparation, fonts and using Markzware‘s FlightCheck for preflighting during prepress:

Fonts of Knowledge
December 14, 2011
More than 20 years after the advent of electronic publishing, printers still cite font issues among the top problems they encounter with clients’ files…

The biggest problem print providers have is clients not supplying all the fonts used in a document. Corralling fonts manually can be difficult, but desktop publishing applications like InDesign can automatically round up fonts as part of the “package for output” process. It’s best to use external applications that can automatically collect fonts, such as Markzware’s FlightCheck before submitting a job to ensure that all fonts are available.

File Preparation, Fonts and FlightCheck, Markzware's Preflighting Solution

File Preparation, Fonts and FlightCheck

When collecting fonts, either for output or collaboration purposes, pay attention to the foundry. ITC’s Garamond differs from Bitstream’s Garamond which differs from Adobe’s Garamond. There are often subtle differences among them and interchanging them can result in (at best) a missing font warning or (at worst) text reflowing, ruining a carefully designed layout. 
… Source (Read full article): Overview of Font Types and Common Issues with Printers

FlightCheck handles preflighting (and shows you the exact font foundry and version used of your fonts)  for desktop publishing documents and artwork. FlightCheck can also collect files to package fonts, images, and the entire job in prepress! With a click, FlightCheck will collect and package your Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, PDF, QuarkXPress, EPS files and other file types.

You, too, can benefit from preflighting and packaging (collecting all fonts used in your DTP files for prepress) by downloading a free demo of FlightCheck today! Here is a video to show you how this pre press software works:

File Preparation, Fonts and FlightCheck

File Preparation and Fonts made easy during prepress with Markzware FlightCheck

Check files to avoid file problems for print. You can buy this preflight solution via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

File Preparation, Fonts and FlightCheck

Title: File Preparation, Fonts and FlightCheck
Published on: January 5, 2012
David Dilling

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