Find a Missing Font in Embedded Illustrator Graphic Used in InDesign with Preflight

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Find a Missing Font in an Embedded Illustrator Graphic Used in InDesign with Preflight

Placed Illustrator Files and Missing Fonts in Adobe InDesign CC or lower…

Find a Missing Font in Embedded Illustrator Graphic Used in InDesign with Preflight

Pre press software, FlightCheck helps locate fonts and more, before packaging for print

Will FlightCheck find a missing font in an embedded .ai graphic, if the InDesign document is run through FlightCheck? In other words, can FlightCheck find a missing font in an embedded Illustrator graphic used or placed within an Adobe InDesign document? And the answer is yes. Missing Font in Embedded Adobe Illustrator Graphic I’m going to show you that right now. I’m going to drop it in and yeah, see, there, you see the text, the make, this font, the missing text. There’s the font. I’m going to save this out, and you’re going to see how FlightCheck not only checks the Illustrator file, like you just saw, but it will also check the InDesign file, using an embedded Illustrator graphic.

So, if you drop the file onto the Flight Strip or on the FlightCheck icon, it then preflights, like we saw before, in many other FlightCheck videos, and (FlightCheck eagle screeches) there we have it. And right away, right away, we see now “Used Printer Font Missing”. The only one used is Didot and that’s the important one. The other one isn’t used, so it’s not going to affect the print job, but here we see, real quick, (claps) boom! FlightCheck catches that problem. Boom! Missing font used within that graphic, the Illustrator placed file, down here. And if we hover over that, we see there, Didot.

So, there you see, amazing! FlightCheck finds it in seconds. There’s a missing font in an embedded Illustrator graphic. The rest of my demo sort of uses the graphic without a missing font, but you get the picture.

And now, what happens when we open it in InDesign? Well, we can also go up here to the page layout and we can go to that logo… And we say Launch Document. And look at that. We go right into CC, InDesign CC, and right to the file that we need to look at and there, we see it.

I can click there and I can see the basic information, but you see there’s still… and I can change whatever setting I want. There are no errors. There’s no apparent missing font. And it even says on the summary, when you go to package fonts, “4 Fonts Used, 0 Missing”. Well, how can that be? FlightCheck will get the font, if it’s there. Adobe InDesign Live Preflight or package will not.

That’s the power of FlightCheck, to quickly find a missing font within a used graphic, an Illustrator file, an EPSF file, a PDF file. If the font is live, not converted to outlines, FlightCheck will tell you it’s missing. InDesign will not, and even other tools, like the customer noted, like Prinergy, apparently also will not. I’ve not verified that myself, but, in any event, you’ll see the need for FlightCheck in your workflow. Complete quality assurance. The famous quote I’ve been passing around lately is, “Quality is never an accident.

Check out FlightCheck today. Get it into your workflow. Very affordable, very easy to use, and you’ll profit greatly from it. David Dilling from Markzware, wishing you a great day! You can buy this preflight solution via the FlightCheck page. See more desktop publishing software and printing solutions for DTP on the Markzware Products page.

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Missing font in embedded Illustrator graphic got you grounded? Find a missing font in embedded Illustrator graphic used in InDesign with preflight. Use FlightCheck!

Title: Find a Missing Font in Embedded Illustrator Graphic Used in InDesign with Preflight
Published on: January 6, 2014
David Dilling

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