FlightAlert or FlightCheck Collect For Output?

FlightAlert or FlightCheck Collect For Output?

Collect files for document output with Markzware‘s preflight solutionFlightCheck. Collect and package fonts, package Illustrator, package InDesign, and many other file types with FlightCheck. Collect Adobe Acrobat PDF, as well as non-PDF, files for output, while ensuring print quality control.
Collect and Package Illustrator Files with Markzware FlightCheckFlightCheck is the patented pre press software that can collect Illustrator and package Illustrator files. As the developer of FlightCheck, Markzware noticed this post:

FlightAlert XT combines on-the-fly error checking of QuarkXPress documents with one of the most powerful Collect For Output engines available.

FlightAlert scans QuarkXPress documents for the key problems that regularly waste time, money and film. It is unique among the error-checking products in that there is no need to invoke or apply FlightAlert. It operates in the background as users work making it an ideal solution for integration into busy production and prepress workflows.

FlightAlert can be set to scan on Open, Close, Save, Save As, Save Page as EPS and Collect for Output. By concentrating on the core of common problems, each FlightAlert scan is virtually instantaneous on small documents and takes a negligible amount of time even on large documents.

Preflight DTP Files and Collect for Output

Collect and package desktop publishing files with FlightCheck.

Maybe we can get some comments from people that use this product. Who has used both FlightCheck (the original and patented) and this product to collect Illustrator and package Illustrator? What features do you think are better in one than the other? How is the price value better or worse?

You can buy preflighting software via the FlightCheck page. For more printing solutions, see the Markzware Products page.

FlightAlert or FlightCheck Collect For Output?

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