FlightCheck 7 Installing, Activating Guide: Preflight, Package on Mac

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FlightCheck 7
Installing and Activating Guide
Preflight and Package for the Mac

FlightCheck 7 – Installing and Activating Guide – Preflight and Package for the Mac- YouTube

How to install and activate Markzware FlightCheck preflight solution

FlightCheck Manual, Markzware’s prepress preflight solution guide

FlightCheck Playlist of Educational Videos:
FlightCheck – Preflight & Package InDesign Illustrator Quark – YouTube

Preflight with FlightCheck by Markzware
FlightCheck 7 – Installing and Activating Guide – Preflight and Package for the Mac Transcript:

Now you’ve made the wise decision of purchasing Markzware’s FlightCheck, to help you preflight multiple file formats, we’re not only talking about the new support for Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign files, to preflight and package them, but also all the other file formats, giving you the ability to provide complete quality assurance from A to Z on your print files. Purchasing now was easy. You just clicked Buy Now. You chose either the 1-Year Subscription, which gives you free updates throughout the year, or a 3-Month Subscription, or you could purchase a perpetual license. Of course, the price changes, accordingly. And once you’ve added to your cart, you’d purchased the product, and you’d checked out.

After that, you will have received an email, and that’s what we’re going to show you now, how to install and activate Markzware’s FlightCheck 7 for the Macintosh. Once you’ve purchased FlightCheck version 7, or downloaded the demo, the process is the same to install and activate the product. There are several versions to choose from. We have the FlightCheck 7 1-Year Subscription Also, still available is the FlightCheck perpetual version, the stand-alone version, where you can pay one price and get to use it for as long as you can on that machine.

Now, the process of downloading, installing, and activating is exactly the same. I’ll show you how that works. You’ll get an email in and you’ll get one of the two of these. You won’t get both of them. You’ll get the name of what you’ve purchased. You’ll get a License ID (important to save this), and a custom URL, which will be longer than this, but this will be your private, personal download URL. You should not share this with anybody, because it’s linked back to you, back to your order. The way it works, you just click on the hyperlink, when you get in the email, which you do here, and you’ll get this information. I’m not showing you all of it, because it’s personal. It’s a live code here.

You then, further, click on the download link. Once you hit Download, it brings you to the download page, actually, first, the End User License Agreement page. Sometimes, you’ll see this “Started building your application” and it won’t go away. Please try again. That just is our database, having a temporary glitch. It happens every once in a while, and it normally works, like you see right here. Alright, so here’s the End User License Agreement. You, of course, read and agree to this and you click I Agree, and then, your download will start for your product. And you say Save File on your Mac.

Once you’ve downloaded in Safari or Firefox, you can then go to the Download folder and get that particular download. You double-click it, extract it, and we get here the FlightCheck 7 Mac folder. What I’m going to do is move that into my Applications folder, and we’ll go over there, now. Now, in my Applications folder, I can go in there in FlightCheck and I can see what appears to be an application. There is no installer, as such, with our other products, for instance, which are plug-ins or xtensions, that have to be installed into the certain locations. With this, it’s just download, decompress, place the entire folder in the Applications folder, and it’s important that you leave all elements, inside that folder, where they are. There are certain things that will be needed for the Ground Controls and preflight preferences, and other files which need to be accessed and need to be in this folder.

So, you can start with FlightCheck. You can, of course, open the manual, which we always recommend, and give it a proper read over. It explains that the subscription model will get you all updates, free of charge. So if, for instance, when Quark 10 support comes out, hopefully, in a few weeks, or a couple months, that will be free of charge. It’ll tell you how to install FlightCheck, which we just did, to move it to your Applications folder, which we just did, and to watch out.

This is a common problem, is that 10.8.X on the Macintosh, if you don’t have the security setting unchecked, you won’t be able to download. Well, you’ll be able to download it, but you won’t be able to use the product. So, if you go into your System Preferences, Security & Privacy, unlock your preferences there, in general, and make sure you allow downloading from anywhere. Save that out, then you’ll be able to use FlightCheck. FlightCheck activation, which we’re going to get to now is as simple as starting FlightCheck, and we’ll show you how that process works here.

The rest of the manual is fantastic for getting into the details of how to use FlightCheck. It’ll have a lot of information on how to delete your preferences and other things, which might be helpful, but the basics of setting up your Ground Controls and using FlightCheck are in the manual, and it’s a very useful tool to help you get started, and we’ll go over this in the video now.

Alright, so to activate FlightCheck with our new MarkzControl activation process, in-house activation process and licensing scheme we made ourselves, Markzware, and it’s very easy to use. So, you just, simply, open your FlightCheck. I’m going to first put it down on my Dock, here, and I’m going to remove my older FlightCheck. Then, I could open from the Dock or open here. It says that FlightCheck’s an application from the internet. Do you want to open it? Yes, we do.

So, when you bring FlightCheck to the foreground, what you’ll see is “Activation process is now complete, your product is ready to use.” So, it’s that easy, with an active internet connection, no firewalls blocking access. You might need to connect directly to the internet temporarily to activate it. Very important to make sure that you have full internet access, and it’s that easy to activate the product.

If you’re having problems with activation, please fill in our Support Form on Markzware, under Support on the home page, and we’ll help you, further, to activate your product. There are other options. It takes a lot more of an IT person. So, it’s best to just have the internet connection working, and then, it just works. So, we close that screen.

The next screen we get, which I’ll be clipping off the bottom part here, because there is the unique code, which you need to save. This is the optional Registration page. I recommend you fill it in, completely, choose where you’re at, and be done with it, because this is very important, to stay up to date, to make sure you’re getting the latest updates when they come out, and other things like this. And then, you just click Submit, down here below, and this screen will never show up, again. Thank you for registering! And we close that off and now, we can get busy with FlightCheck.

Okay, now, FlightCheck has been installed and activated. How do we use it? Well, to use FlightCheck, it’s quite easy. It’s a stand-alone application. It’s outside of InDesign, or QuarkXPress, or Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, whatever. It allows you, as someone checking incoming files, or as somebody who doesn’t maybe have all the graphical applications, to also see inside the file; but it will also help prepress and publishing professionals, alike, layout artists, and whatnot, because it’ll allow you to check the file and see where you have to go in and look deeper, once you go into the file, which FlightCheck helps you do, as well. So, it helps not only check and get an inventory of things, but it helps you to fix and to package things up.

So, to use FlightCheck, it’s very easy. You just take a file. For instance, we’ll take this Photoshop document, here. It could be QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign. It could be Illustrator, multiple file types, even PDFs. We’ll check pretty much anything in the graphic arts industry, on the print side and on the online side. We can just drop a file onto the FlightCheck icon, or onto the Flight Strip, as it’s called, and FlightCheck will do its work. It’ll preflight and ascertain everything that’s used (FlightCheck eagle screeches) in the file, and very quickly, we get back a report.

First, let’s begin with some of the basics. In the Flight Strip, which you can also find back up top, here, under the menu items, you’ll see something called the Ground Controls. If you click on the Ground Controls, what you’ll see is you’ll get an overview of everything you can check for within FlightCheck. You can make custom sets of checks and you can use the default, which we’ll switch to, now, which is how it comes out of the box, so to speak. Obviously, it’s all virtual, nowadays.

Every section here, you can adjust these settings, to say, okay, well, I want to be warned about printer type. A warning is one dot, or a small dot. A thicker dot, or a thicker square within a square, is an error, in red. So, for instance, in the main area, is your colors, trapping, fonts, and images. We can, for instance, go in and say, okay, is CMYK too high? I want to be warned about that, if it’s over 300%. The resolution, the effective resolution, mind you, is between these values. You might want to adjust that to be a little more lenient.

And, once again, you can go in. You can make a new set. And you can call this Markzware Demo, whatever you’d like, and now you have them up here. You could then, actually export these, or import these, if you’re the designer or the CSR, Customer Service Representative, checking incoming files. Pre-press people can make the checks, export them, and you could then import them. Very handy!

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Have you tried the FlightCheck preflight solution in your desktop publishing (DTP) workflow to preflight InDesign or other DTP file types? Please comment below to tell us about your experience. You are also welcome to subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List, and interact with Markzware on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Google+.

FlightCheck 7 – Installing and Activating Guide

Title: FlightCheck 7 Installing, Activating Guide: Preflight, Package on Mac
Published on: November 13, 2013
David Dilling

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