Adobe Creative Suite 3 4 5 PDF-Preflight Prepress Files for Output

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Markzware is the publisher of FlightCheck, the patented software for preflighting to determine whether prepress files will print as expected. FlightCheck can preflight prepress files to check documents for print quality assurance. Markzware noticed the following mention of a test file suite for print workflows:

“The latest set of Ghent Workgroup tests to determine whether PDFs will be processed as expected in real-world production environments, is now available at

Both design and production PDF workflows can be tested using Ghent Output Suite 3. The Suite is widely accepted and utilized among graphic arts professionals worldwide.

The new version adds testing for White Overprint, Rendering Intent, ICC-based Overprint and Source Profile consideration. The Ghent Workgroup has also made adjustments to the all of the test files and documentation to make them clearer and easier to understand.”

Such a suite of test files, coupled with advanced preflighting, could greatly enhance a prepress workflow. Remember to use Markzware’s FlightCheck to preflight prepress files for print quality of document output. FlightCheck has both PDF and non-PDF Ground Controls for preflighting. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 4 5 PDF – Preflight Prepress Files for Output

Title: Adobe Creative Suite 3 4 5 PDF-Preflight Prepress Files for Output
Published on: March 29, 2009
David Dilling

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