Global Print Monitor for communication consultants, prepress and printing executives

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Communication consultants, prepress and printing executives can visit the Markzware site for articles and products to help them stay informed and improve workflow. Markzware noticed “Global Print Monitor,” an interesting news aggregator, which communication consultants, prepress, CSR’s (Print Customer Service Representatives) and printing executives should check out today, if not daily. This resource is also providing in-depth editorials, blog posts and white papers on technology which directly effects our print workflows and bottom-line. Using FlightCheck can help:

Global Print Monitor prepress printing news on Markzware FlightCheckGlobal Print Monitor prepress printing news on FlightCheck

Founded in part by Juan Diaz, former editor in chief from Pressgraph and Tim Coldwell from Tecsa, founder and ex-CEO from Xenotron, the site had this to say:

“As print changes and evolves, so do trade magazines. Global Print Monitor is a new kind of trade magazine striving to help printers evolve from the traditional definition of print as “ink on paper” towards a new future-oriented “communication service provider” concept. Printers and print service providers nowadays cannot be defined as pure printers anymore. Print and its processes, services as well as results and output are part of the huge communication portfolio that marketers and brands require. Print cannot be seen as a single industry anymore. In turn this affects printers as they are seen as communication consultants by their clients.

In addition, print evolved further into some previously unimagined areas such as printed electronics, RFID as well as solar panel manufacturing etc. that all combine to provide some functionality for everyday life and that should be closely monitored as diversification of print shops and their future might be impacted.

Thus, Global Print Monitor provides the one-stop source for trade news within the printing, packaging and communication markets as well as an extensive portfolio of business related happenings around the world. Global Print Monitor helps printers follow both competitive technologies and emerging opportunities. It’s true worldwide scope, internationally renowned editors and five languages content with editorial stories, analysis and instant up-to-date news, blogs and white paper sections make it an outstanding publication that within a short time frame captured worldwide attention and recognition.” Source

Markzware updates you on information relevant to printing, packaging and communication markets, including this news on ways to keep updated. Markzware offers many products for these industries. FlightCheck Professional, for example, can check files in several formats for print quality control before document output.

FlightCheck is a preflight solution for communications consultants, prepress and more. Use FlightCheck as your total preflight tool to check communications materials. Check both native files and PDF, for Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, QuarkXPress, and much more.

Global Print Monitor for communication consultants, prepress and printing executives

Title: Global Print Monitor for communication consultants, prepress and printing executives
Published on: March 3, 2010
David Dilling

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