Graphic Design Study Shows It's Historically Recession Proof

Graphic Design Study Shows It’s Historically Recession Proof

Markzware publishes FlightCheck, preflight software to check graphic design files for print quality control. Graphic designers can preflight files with FlightCheck to avoid potential printing problems. Markzware saw that released a study on a report, including forecasts through 2013, about detailed demographic data for graphic design as a recession-proof industry. If you’re a Graphic Designer, it looks like you have made a wise career choice:

“…a projected 11% increase in graphic design establishments between 2008 and 2013, with a 13% increase in the number of design employees in that same period; projected 2% growth in the graphic design revenues between 2008 and 2013, the result, in part, of more players sharing a slow-growing pie; and projected 20% growth in the number of graphic design freelancers… If you look back at historical industry demographic data (as we have), graphic design companies have been largely immune to past economic downturns and even recessions, thanks in no small part to the growth and maturity of desktop publishing tools and the demand for what those tools produce.” Source

Graphic Designers should take particular note that a down-turn does not mean the end of the world for us. Naturally, today’s economic situation may play differently than past events, but it is nice to know we can weather this storm and generally not be all the bad off, in the end. In any event, stay sharp. FlightCheck, preflight solution for print, can help.

Want the U.S. Graphic Design Business 2008–2013: Industry Demographics, Trends, and Forecasts? This PDF is available for online purchase from WhatTheyThink. Also, remember to preflight graphic design file types for print quality with FlightCheck. See more printing solutions for the graphic design industry on the Markzware Products page.

Graphic Design Study Shows It’s Historically Recession Proof

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